Harpie Overview: Can This On-Chain Firewall Solve Web3’s Security Topic?

Harpie Overview: Can This On-Chain Firewall Solve Web3’s Security Topic?

Key Takeaways

  • Harpie is the first on-chain firewall product that protects users against general attack vectors in crypto.
  • It in actual fact works by monitoring users’ wallets and intervening in case of an attack by frontrunning malicious transactions and sharp their funds to a real non-custodial vault.
  • Whereas it be no longer excellent, it be one in every of essentially the most promising choices for holding Web3 users in existence as we explain.

Harpie’s on-chain firewall lets crypto users join their Web3 wallets and glean a real transacting ambiance and provide protection to themselves against crypto’s most general attack vectors.

Crypto’s Security Topic

As crypto and decentralized finance occupy risen in reputation over the closing couple of years, so occupy cryptocurrency-associated attacks, alongside with targeted shopper thefts and protocol exploits. Fixed with Chainalysis‘ mid-twelve months crypto crime report, over $1.9 billion had been stolen in hacks of users and products and companies from January by July 2022, up from lawful below $1.2 billion over the first seven months of 2021. And while most of the exploits had been protocol-associated, many users occupy had their wallets drained thanks in half to the dangers associated with the use of Web3 as we explain.

For users who gradually work alongside with DeFi protocols and NFT marketplaces, transacting in Web3 can nearly feel admire taking half in Minesweeper in proper lifestyles. Every transaction approval and on-chain interplay with a third-birthday celebration utility can doubtlessly result in wallet compromise and lack of funds. Sadly, there hasn’t been a straightforward or efficient resolution to this subject to this level. Essentially the most smartly-liked Web3 wallets, admire MetaMask or Trust Wallet, invent an abysmal job of conveying the nature of every on-chain interplay to their users. As an different of developing each transaction definite, the default descriptions of most in-wallet transaction confirmations learn admire gibberish to most unsophisticated users, leaving them successfully blind to even essentially the most classic safety threats.

MetaMasks description for a straightforward interplay with a Web3 utility (Offer: MetaMask)

Previous the smartly-liked protocol hacks, per chance essentially the most abominable form of attacks affecting crypto users are so-known as “approve use” exploits that trick users into approving malicious transitions that allow the hackers to drain the users’ wallets. One more general capacity Web3 users lose their money is by having their non-public keys compromised, which in most cases involves users placing in malicious gadget admire keyloggers, storing their seed phrases in scary text on unnerved devices, or falling for phishing scams.

Conserving against all of those attack vectors has constantly been that that it’s seemingly you’ll per chance presumably presumably judge of, but it requires critical technical knowledge, sophistication, and sacrifices in shopper ride. Harpie is hoping to resolve this subject. 

What’s Harpie?

Harpie is the first on-chain firewall resolution that lets Ethereum users glean a real transacting ambiance by whitelisting a dwelling of addresses and Web3 functions they suspect real. The provider screens connected wallets for pending suspicious or unpermitted transactions to pause them when they ground. When it detects a suspicious transaction, it suddenly moves the buyer’s funds out of their wallet and real into a real, non-custodial vault, holding the funds from doable theft.

Harpie does this by frontrunning malicious transactions by paying a increased gas rate. As an instance, converse a hacker has by some capacity gotten relieve of a client’s non-public keys or fooled them into approving a malicious spending transaction and tried to switch funds from the victim’s wallet into his address. In that case, Harpie would detect the outgoing transaction from the victim’s wallet to an unapproved address, and automatically broadcast another transaction with a increased gas rate to glide the target’s funds real into a real vault sooner than the outgoing transaction is confirmed. 

Ethereum validators prioritize transactions with the supreme gas fees, which technique they can purchase up and make definite Harpie’s benevolent transactions sooner than any attackers, thus saving users from theft.

After Harpie has intervened and moved the resources to a real feature, the buyer can withdraw them to a brand contemporary uncompromised wallet for a flat rate of 0.01 ETH, irrespective of the quantity that used to be saved in the map.

Essentially the most attention-grabbing plan to Use Harpie

Users need to join their new Web3 wallet to Harpie to use the provider. They are able to invent this by clicking the “Enter App” button in the head lawful corner of Harpie’s homepage and then clicking “Join” inside of the utility. Users also need to verify the connection inside of their wallets one by one to give Harpie permission to display screen their wallets and glide funds from them in case of an incident.

Connecting to Harpies provider (Offer: Harpie)

After connecting, users are asked to dwelling up their “Trusted Network” of functions and addresses. These are functions and addresses the users converse real and are looking to exclude from the firewall, which technique Harpie received’t automatically block any transactions with them.

Creating a “Trusted Network” (Offer: Harpie)

 To invent that, users can take dangle of in the event that they use DeFi functions, NFT marketplaces, or each and purchase out their depended on network of functions from a preselected listing of established protocols. All of the protocols that Harpie recommends by default occupy gone by intensive auditing, stood the test of time, and are ceaselessly notion to be real, which technique users need to feel real about whitelisting all of them. After selecting the depended on dwelling of functions, users need to press “Proceed” in the bottom lawful corner and stamp the transaction inside of their wallet.

Upon signing, Harpie will delivery integrating its firewall gadget with the buyer’s wallet, and after it’s done, users will most certainly be directed to their dashboard. There, they can navigate to the “My Trusted Network” tab and add the full addresses they’re gradually interacting with below the “Chums” half. These could well per chance presumably simply embrace their enjoy non-public wallets, their chums’ wallets, and the deposit addresses of the centralized exchanges they use.

Users need to also allow Harpie to entry their wallet’s funds so as to glide them to a real vault in case of an attack. They are able to invent this by clicking “Offer protection to” for each asset of their dashboard’s “Protected Assets” half. In the event that they can’t look the full resources they’re preserving of their wallet, they can import them manually from the same dashboard half. 

Conserving Uniswaps UNI token (Offer: Harpie)

Clicking “Offer protection to” for each asset is basically the dear job for each shopper the use of Harpie. Here is because of the whitelisting a depended on network of functions and addresses most efficient tells Harpie what traffic to display screen, whereas allowing it to entry the wallet’s funds is what in actual fact permits it to intervene and glide the resources to a real feature in case of an attack.

Indirectly, users need to dwelling up a withdrawal address that can occupy the capability to retrieve the funds moved to the true vault in case Harpie has intervened at some level of a security breach. They are able to invent this by clicking on the “Setup” button in the “Setup withdrawal address” half, coming into the address they’re looking to use for retrieving funds, clicking “Register,” and then approving the motion with their wallet.

It’s crucial to clarify that Harpie can most efficient provide protection to users from shedding resources they already occupy of their wallets. If users deposit or stake their resources on a third-birthday celebration crypto protocol and the utility will get hacked, Harpie received’t be ready to invent the rest to provide protection to the users’ funds. 

Final Thoughts

Whereas no single gadget or protocol can resolve crypto’s safety subject, Harpie’s on-chain firewall capacity provides an necessary layer of safety to the day by day operations of the extra involving Web3 users. Previous protocol hacks and fling edge cases, Harpie can successfully provide protection to users against nearly general crypto exploits with out severely impeding their shopper ride.

With that said, interacting with Web3 with Harpie’s firewall resolution peaceful introduces some inevitable hindrances from a client ride standpoint. As an instance, users could well per chance presumably simply put out of your mind to whitelist their good friend’s address or their enjoy story on a centralized alternate and occupy their resources automatically moved to Harpie’s non-custodial vault after they’re looking to glean an intentional switch. Previous that, Harpie also doesn’t provide users with a straightforward capacity to revoke the firewall’s entry. Once enabled, users need to use a third-birthday celebration utility admire revoke.money to revoke the entry they’ve given to Harpie in the event that they admire to determine-out of it.

Every thing notion to be, Harpie presents a substantial-wanted on-chain safety layer that users currently can’t to find wherever else. Whereas Harpie is no longer excellent as we explain, its resolution is a clear step in the lawful course against making Web3 safer for standard users.

Disclosure: On the time of writing, the author of this text owned ETH and several other varied cryptocurrencies.

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