Kutee Kitties

Kutee Kitties

Kutee Kitties is a routine assortment of non-fungible tokens NFTs, nonetheless one with a sturdy mission– to set the arena from plastic. With such an innovative aim to develop, Kutee Kitties will likely be launched in the 2d week of November.

The Kutee Kitty NFT project changed into as soon as born with the awareness of how plastic has pervaded the air, the bottom, water and vegetation and so noteworthy so that it is now inner us too. The project will breathe a brand unique existence into plastics polluting the oceans by increasing usable items from recycled plastic.

About Kutee Kitties

The Kutee Kitties assortment consists of 10,000 NFTs with over 100+ diversified traits to develop a ‘uncommon’ and uber-cool Kutee Kitty. The uncommon attributes will likely be depicted in the NFTs metadata and must mute be displayed with other NFTs featuring that explicit attribute.

The personnel members indicate in their white paper, “Technology has fashioned our world into a world village, and one of basically the most attention-grabbing and increasing marketplaces in this village is the arena of NFTs.” Thus, Kutee Kitty’s aim is to be one thing bigger and more significant than a easy assortment of tokens.

Six phases of the Kutee Kitty Carrying out:

  • The main section entails mining of NFTs at 0.03 ETH and the assortment will likely be launched on the secondary market, OpenSea. With this, the project will moreover birth themed t-shirts made completely from recycled field cloth.
  • The 2d section entails launching of a 3D cats assortment with more monetary rewards, trudge donations for the holders. Extra batches of t-shirts and hoodies (manufactured from eco-friendly materials) will likely be launched, with 50% of the proceeds going to charity for the reason for conserving our oceans and 50% to the holders. 
  • The third section entails the launching of a YouTube channel, with demonstrations of all of the charitable initiatives adopted globally. Because the project members embark on  a world inch, they’ll plant many bushes. Additionally, 50% of the channel’s proceeds will likely be donated to charity, whereas the final 50% will likely be redistributed to holders inner the personnel.
  • The fourth section entails launching a proprietary e-commerce for sustainable products and/or made with recycled field cloth. The e-commerce will likely be a passive profits system, and must mute be hurry the spend of the retailer’s earnings. 20% of the revenues from this e-commerce will likely be returned to NFT holders every month.
  • The fifth section entails funding a project called, Kanesis, which is ready to originate recent bioplastics from hemp and other agricultural raze.

Perks of Membership:

  • The main 100 members will likely be whitelisted who’ve their profile images of the Kutee Kitty NFT. Whoever wins their extraction will likely be gifted ETH.
  • 5 members of the whitelist will pick up a trudge to to a pure quandary paid for by the personnel.

A $ 10,000 CONTEST

To use the prize of $10,000 in ETH, participants will want to originate a video precise thru which they point to that they’ve improved the atmosphere by planting a tree, increasing plant life, adopting a needy animal, and creatively reusing plastic. 10 lucky winners will likely be chosen on the cease of the competition, and the cease reward is $10,000 in ETH!

Rate: The contest is first and main set for NFT holders for the first section, nonetheless will likely be later open to each person. 


The mission of the Kutee Kitty NFT project is to develop non-polluting materials, indulge in T-shirts from recycled plastic. The platform will moreover tap into huge investments to develop innovative materials.

The project attempts to make spend of trashed plastic from land and oceans to develop uncommon and precious NFTs. Every Kutee Kitty’s earnings will likely be reinvested lend a hand into the project to pay for contractors to make a selection up rid of junk or plastic remains from the land and seas. The feeble plastic will then be sent to an rising community of recycling amenities. The more Kutee Kitties are bought, the more money will likely be invested in plastic cleanup and recycling initiatives.

The project moreover intends to encourage other projects to advance up with such cause-centric lengthy time length targets because the project makes spend of self-sustaining systems with clear and potential ripple outcomes. Rate that NFT holders will develop 20% of investment earnings in funding any programmer fascinating environmental preservation.

Web residing: https://kutee-kitty.vercel.app/

Discord:  https://jo.my/discordkk

Sito: https://jo.my/sitokk

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