Meet Chesney Mariani From The VR Fitness App, Supernatural

Meet Chesney Mariani From The VR Fitness App, Supernatural

Chesney Mariani


Supernatural is a fitness app that launched in early 2020, and harnessed the energy of VR to transport users to the sector’s most beautiful locations for in-house exercises, stretching and guided meditations. Chesney Mariani first joined Supernatural as an particular person in boring 2020, and started posting non-public shrimp print of her fitness lunge in the app’s Facebook enhance neighborhood.

Mariani shared lifelong struggles with her body image. Mariani shared in an interview, “My history with working out and the fitness world has continuously been detrimental whether it became once any individual making fun of me, me no longer feeling worthy to be in the identical set of dwelling or staunch having absolute wretchedness when it came to working out.” It wasn’t long sooner than a total bunch of participants began following along.

Later in the three hundred and sixty five days, Chesney shared in a put up that she had fallen in cherish with the mark of body just fitness that Supernatural had created. She posted that she secretly dreamed of turning correct into a Supernatural coach. The company made her dream diagram apt in August of 2021. “I threw it available in the market into the universe that I wanted to be a coach for Supernatural and no topic how foolish it’ll bear sounded, it became once something I really wished to create. They saw me for me and the eagerness I bear and known as me below the hide of a customer solutions name,” says Mariani.

Now Mariani has four exercises in Supernatural and is one in all the app’s most loved coaches.

“I believed poisonous fitness culture became once the suitable culture,” shows Mariani. “I’ve viewed people being made fun of for his or her level of fitness, their look, even staunch existing and being in a gym. That became once except I stumbled on Supernatural and realized fitness culture had one more side to it. The major ingredient that Supernatural did for me became once rob the judgment. After I save the headset on and ventured into the app, I became once transported to an honest dwelling the set there bear been no mirrors, nobody else spherical me to know.”

Mariani says she never dreamed of being an athlete, let by myself a fitness coach. Now she shares the dignity of being a guest coach with the likes of Tiffany Haddish and Shea Couleé.

“A Supernatural coach no longer most gripping explains apt create, nonetheless they are with you in all places in the workout, cheering you on and sharing recollections they’ve had. It makes them relatable,” shares Mariani. “They are people and bear been thru things staunch equivalent to you and I. I salvage messages your total time, telling me how I’ve impacted any individual and they wished to workout with me, how I’ve connected with them and how they’ve handled the challenges I bear handled. The expertise has been handle nothing else and it’s impacted me to the point of venturing into the fitness change myself on myth of it is miles something I handle. I need to back others.”

For parents that, handle Mariani, cherish working out nonetheless bear historically felt disregarded of the sector of fitness, she has some advice: “The major ingredient I need (you) to suppose is ‘I’m worthy.’ It’s alright to be picky. That that probabilities are you’ll start shrimp, nonetheless it be considerable to create what you have the advantage of.”