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Audrina Patridge appears to be relieve on a disappointing stumble on with Justin Timberlake in her unique memoir, “Selections: To the Hills and Relieve As soon as more.”

Per the truth essential individual, 37, the “SexyBack” singer, 41, exhibited “wrong, diva behavior” years ago on the 2007 MTV Video Song Awards. 

“We were invited to so many awards shows, and even asked to novel just a few instances,” Patridge writes in her debut tome, reflecting on appealing opportunities provided to her and her “Hills” co-stars. 

“I’ll never put out of your mind the 2007 MTV Video Song Awards, in divulge. Lauren [Conrad], Whitney [Port] and I were onstage to novel the award for Male Artist of the Year,” she continues. 

“Lauren and Whitney were beyond mad when Justin Timberlake won, as a outcome of they were superfans. His wasn’t my kind of track, so I couldn’t have cared much less, nonetheless I was once mad for them.”

Justin Timberlake onstage at the 2007 VMAs
Patridge, alongside castmates Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, presented the award for Male Artist of the Year to the “SexyBack” singer.

Patridge at present discovered that it wasn’t beautiful Timberlake’s discography she disliked — nonetheless his persona, too. 

“After which Justin wouldn’t even come up to us and settle for the award in front of a packed house! Chris Brown got here up onstage with him, took the award from us himself, and then presented it to Justin as we backed off to the side,” she recounts.

Even supposing Timberlake praised Brown in his acceptance speech, it was once Timbaland who, in fact, took the Moonman from the “Hills” ladies and handed it to his mentee and collaborator. 

Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad pose on the red carpet at the 2007 VMAs
Per Patridge, Port and Conrad were “devastated” by Timberlake’s actions.

Patridge goes on to divulge that Timberlake “devastated” Conrad, 36, and Port, 37, along with his actions, whereas she herself was once “frustrated at his wrong, diva behavior.”

The unique creator explains that it handiest got worse from there. 

“As if that wasn’t substandard ample, Justin took heart stage and acknowledged to the crowd: ‘MTV, play extra rattling movies. We don’t are making an strive to leer “The Simpsons” or truth television,’” she writes, calling Timberlake’s comments a “non-public attack” on the unscripted stars. 

Justin Timberlake backstage at the 2007 VMAs
The unique creator was once “frustrated” by what she perceived as “wrong, diva behavior” from the musician.

“Lauren’s jaw dropped,” Patridge adds. “We were humiliated.” 

Patridge, Conrad, Port and fellow castmate Heidi Montag made up the core solid who originated “The Hills” in 2006.  

Though Conrad and Port made early exits to pursue different opportunities, the iconic truth clarify ran for a whole of six seasons.

Audrina Patridge poses at a red carpet event
Patridge, now 37, looked on “The Hills” from 2006 until it ended in 2010; she also participated in the sequence’ most up-to-date two-season “Recent Beginnings” reboot.
Getty Photos for MCM

Conrad’s “Laguna Seashore” nemesis Kristin Cavallari finally stepped in as the sequence’ unique lead sooner than it concluded in 2010 after four years on the air. 

The clarify was once rebooted in 2019 as “The Hills: Recent Beginnings,” with Patridge, Port and Montag, now 35, returning. Conrad didn’t participate, whereas Cavallari, now also 35, made an look in 2021’s Season 2 sooner than its cancellation this January.

In 2007, on the time of Timberlake’s aforementioned VMAs engage, “The Hills” was once attracting hundreds and hundreds of viewers each week on MTV. The solid — then in their early 20s — quickly done mainstream repute, their faces gradually performing in tabloids and on the covers of such magazines as Teen Vogue, Seventeen and CosmoGirl. 

The cover of Audrina Patridge's book
Patridge details her upward push to repute and truth TV sail in her debut tome, “Selections: To the Hills and Relieve As soon as more.”
Simon & Schuster

Patridge aspects out that one musician on the mid-aughts awards clarify was once critically kind to her, Conrad and Port. 

“Fortunately, no longer all people was once as wrong [as Timberlake]. Our table was once beautiful next to this up-and-coming artist and her mother. Presumably you acknowledge the name Rihanna?” she writes of the now-A-checklist celeb, identified for her truth TV affections. 

“I spent a whereas talking to her and her mother that night, and she or he couldn’t have been nicer,” Patridge elaborates. “She was once potentially one of my current folks I’ve ever met at an awards clarify.” 

“Selections: To the Hills and Relieve As soon as more” is out July 26. 

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