Better Juice opens full-scale manufacturing plant to kind out sugar whisper in fruit juice

Better Juice opens full-scale manufacturing plant to kind out sugar whisper in fruit juice

Positioned in Tel Aviv, Israel, the current plant will allow Better Juice to fulfill industrial orders from international juice producers and meet anticipated query from other firms attempting to achieve lower-sugar juice-based completely mostly merchandise including beverages, jams, yogurt, ice cream, and extra.

Better Juice is right this moment working with producers to cleave the sugar whisper in a quantity of fruit juices including apple, orange, and pineapple juice merchandise.

The present plant in Israel has the skill to augment sugar reduction of as a lot as 250 million liters (66 million gallons) of juice per yr. 

“This transfer marks a significant soar ahead in our commercialization efforts,”​ shared Gali Yarom, Better Juice co-founder and co-CEO.

“We mission that the current plant will accommodate our manufacturing needs for the next four years. As passion and query in our technology proceed to flourish in the international fruit juice sphere, we’re going to develop our manufacturing capabilities open air of Israel as well.” 

Earlier this yr, Better Juice inked its first industrial address a US-based completely mostly juice manufacturer where the startup integrated its enzymatic sugar reduction technology into the corporate’s manufacturing operations.

The present facility in Tel Aviv is equipped with an industrial fermenter and immobilization processor. The specialised equipment is extinct for increasing and harvesting the beaded microorganisms extinct in producing Better Juice’s immobilized sugar-reducing enzymes.

The sector also houses pilot labs and the corporate’s current headquarters

Enzymatic sugar reduction direction of

Via its patented enzymatic sugar reduction direction of which makes exhaust of proprietary polymer-based completely mostly beads mute of non-GMO microorganisms, Better Juice can convert typical sources of sugar (i.e. fructose, glucose, sucrose) in pure fruit juice into non-digestible dietary fibers with out diluting the style (sweetness is mildly reduced, in step with the corporate) or nutrition profile of the everyday liquid.

The company’s real circulate technology and equipment (manufactured by GEA) can direction of juice as a lot as 200 liters per hour and integrates seamlessly into producers’ existing juice product traces.

ESG alignment

The growth of the plant used to be done in alignment with the corporate’s environmental, social, and company governance (ESG) tips. 

“We had to operate and invent specialised programs from scratch to augment our outlandish manufacturing processes whereas taking environmental concerns into story and adhering to the strictest requirements for end medication, water recycling, and energy efficiency,”​ illustrious Henry Elkoby, chief engineer of Better Juice.

As an illustration, the biodegradable polymer beads are rechanneled to cattle feed after being extinct in the manufacturing segment, minimizing end.

The bioreactors, which enjoy a 20-yr lifespan, will even be controlled remotely, reducing the corporate’s need for whisk and its subsequent carbon footprint. Only a little amount of energy is required to activate the bioreactors, in step with Better Juice.

Changing the thought of fruit juice

Better Juice’s final purpose is to provide customers with a low-sugar manner to enjoy fruit juice and promote total well-being, said the corporate. 

On the supplier aspect, juice producers are persistently launching and creating better-for-you variations of merchandise within their portfolio. 

“Better Juice brings a current hope for juice producers and customers, by reversing the thought of pure fruit juices as overly sugary merchandise and turning juices into better-for-you beverages,”​ says Amir Zaidman, chief alternate officer of The Kitchen Hub and a Better Juice board member.

“The company supplies a in actuality better juice product by reducing the sugars whereas affirming their pure profile of vitamins, minerals, and fibers.”