Brandy And John Story Tapped For Audible’s ‘Words + Song’ Sequence

Brandy And John Story Tapped For Audible’s ‘Words + Song’ Sequence

Brandy and John Story contain been tapped by Audible for their Words + Song series. Vary reported on Tuesday (Sept. 13) that the two R&B acts are blueprint to be featured on the series’ final 2022 episodes. Story’s “Dwelling Story” will premiere on Monday (Oct. 3), whereas Brandy’s “A New Moon” will debut on Friday (Dec. 2). 

“Dwelling Story” will glimpse John narrating his occupation with tales about how he met Kanye West and how that relationship resulted in his stage title. The audio series will highlight the artist’s barriers and wins, from the church to EGOT save. John Story’s episode shall be recorded are residing from Ronnie Scott’s in London, where the singer will “contemplate on faith, freedom, and cherish” and how it has “adopted him all the design by design of his life.” 

“Song has progressively been how I categorical emotion and how I unfold cherish and compassion,” Story mentioned about his cherish for song. “I hope that hearing the tales at the attend of my song presents the songs a deeper that formulation. It has been a swish and gorgeous skills to revisit these times in my life.”

Brandy’s “A New Moon” will detail her accounts of teenybopper fame and achieving superstardom at one of these young age. The Rotund Moon singer will also make clear the artist’s slouch by design of private experiences and traumas. “A New Moon” has been detailed as “an intimate and bracingly raw meditation” on the singer’s energy and cause. 

Brandy and John Story join a deep roster of artists who contain already recorded for the Words + Song series. Artists from previous iterations of the Audible series encompass Carlos Santana, Tenacious D, Beck, Pete Townshend, Eddie Vedder, Chuck D, Liz Phair, and Alice Cooper. 

Audible is already searching in direction of 2023, with future episodes that contains Mariah Carey and Yasiin Bey.