Doja Cat Reassures Her Supporters That She Is Ravishing After Recently Shaving Off Her Hair & Eyebrows 

Doja Cat Reassures Her Supporters That She Is Ravishing After Recently Shaving Off Her Hair & Eyebrows 

Earlier this week Doja Cat shared with her supporters her unique tackle shaving her head and eyebrows. Many other folks wondered if Doja became once doing good sufficient after her option, to which she assured them that she became once. On Saturday, Doja took the time to double down on her earlier statements after folk began to ask her mental verbalize after debuting her unique shaved look.

Whereas taking to Instagram Dwell, Doja went into depth about her option, while addressing these which salvage assumed she would possibly perchance perhaps additionally salvage been on medicines and told that she seeks wait on.

“That stuff is so…it’s definitely heavy,” she talked about. “It’s a heavy ingredient and it’s more or much less funny on legend of I in any appreciate times became once the person to be cherish posting dead sh*t on the get. For fking instance, I made ‘Moo.’ I definitely salvage a tune known as cherish ‘bch I’m a cow,’ and I’m cherish rapping about cherish actually being a cow, and I got principal off of that.”

Doja shared that there salvage been moments where she has been wired, and now no longer well. On the other hand, folk had been now no longer in a dwelling to picture that she had been combating these moments on legend of at the time she became once aloof performing and touring.

“Must you definitely salvage cherish for me, and also you definitely are keen in me, I’d like you to know this isn’t a bawl for wait on or danger of any variety. Right here’s appropriate me having no hair, and I’m aloof the the same me,” she added.

As previously reported, earlier this week Doja shared the frustrations she previously faced with her hair, and instructed the story of working out in wigs and having concerns about what became once occurring with her hair as she tried to level of interest on her well being.

At the time she outlined, “There had been times where I’d save a beanie on prime of my wig, that’s on prime of a wig cap, that’s on prime of braids. And I appropriate can’t focal level on that it took me this long to be cherish ‘shave your fking head.”

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