Genshin Affect Shenhe facts

Genshin Affect Shenhe facts

Welcome to Pocket Gamer’s Genshin Affect Shenhe Info! Shenhe is a disciple of the cloud retainer and a talented warrior. Possessing a stable will and structure, besides to an inherent skills for the adepti arts, Shenhe stands out as a talented and highly efficient warrior and among the cloud retainers’ most completed pupils.

Since childhood, Shenhe has had violent homicidal trends, a growing bloodlust, and a fate destined to elevate harm and calamity to herself and these spherical her. She used to be streak in red rope to quell her violent instincts, but as a result, this has left her cool and inexpressive, hindering her emotions and leaving her indifferent to mortal lifestyles. In this Shenhe facts, you will gain the following facets:

  • Overall Info & tips on how to find Shenhe
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Most tantalizing Procure (Artifacts & Weapons)
  • Most tantalizing Occasion Members for Shenhe
  • Skills / Abilities / Passive
  • Skills Leveling Provides
  • Constellations
  • Ascensions expenses
  • Shenhe Needs / Availability

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Shenhe Character Appearance


Cyro / A Tier / 5Rarity / Polearm

In Genshin Affect, Shenhe is an beautiful sub-DPS or Enhance Polearm consumer who can deal magnificent Cryo harm whereas also offering some hefty buffs to her birthday party’s Cryo harm resulting from her queer frosty Quill discontinuance.

The narrate approach to find Shenhe

Shenhe may maybe also merely additionally be got from her featured banner, The Transcendent One Returns, which is at the 2nd inactive. She will be able to be able to’t be obtained in the celebrated wish banner at the present.



  • Her Frigid Quill discontinuance offers some high DMG buffs for Cryo birthday party participants
  • Shenhe’s constellations and passives extra enhance her DMG buff and lend a hand capabilities
  • She has magnificent utility resulting from her elemental burst, which reduces Phys and Cryo resistance


  • She requires very narrate team compositions to be at her most tantalizing
  • Excessive energy cost for her Elemental Burst


Shenhe is at her most tantalizing when she is utilizing her lend a hand and utility internal the correct birthday party, but can silent deal first charge harm. To find the most out of Shenhe in your team, equip her with the Calamity Queller polearm for elevated elemental DMG and an extra ATK bonus after utilizing your Elemental Skill that doubles when she is out of the self-discipline. Pair this with the Noblesse Oblige Artifact plump station to find an lengthen in Elemental Burst DMG and a teamwide ATK buff that altogether offers a abundant enhance to Shenhe and her team’s harm.


Noblesse Oblige

Vitality Recharge / Brust DMG% / Team ATK% Space Bonuses

(2) Salvage a 20% Burst DMG Bonus.

(4) After utilizing an Elemental Burst, all teammates find +20% ATK. Lasts 12s, and does not stack.

The narrate approach to Perform: Particular Pool and Mountain Cavern Enviornment Reward.

Calamity Queller

Nasty Assault: 49

Rating: 5*

Bonus Originate: ATK 3.6%
Skill: Extinguishing Belief Salvage 12% All Elemental DMG Bonus. Perform Consummation for 20s after utilizing an Elemental Skill, inflicting ATK to enhance by 3.2% per 2nd. This ATK lengthen can stack 6 times. When the persona outfitted with this weapon will not be on the self-discipline, Consummation’s ATK lengthen is doubled.
The narrate approach to Perform: Gacha.


Top charge (Gacha) Team

In Genshin Affect, Shenhe is a paddle-to risk for Enhance resulting from her Cryo harm buff and skills to diminish enemy Bodily and Cryo resistance. Ayaka desires to be your first risk for Fundamental DPS, along with her already high Cryo harm even stronger resulting from Shenhe’s Frigid Quills buff. Diona will provide healing and shielding resulting from her Elemental Skill, and may take just exact thing about Shenhe’s buff for some high harm output. Kazuha is an excellent risk for crowd retain a watch on and response harm, gaining a hefty elemental harm buff for both himself and the birthday party resulting from his Elemental and Burst Abilities and triggering some high harm with swirl reactions.

F2P Team

Shenhe loses some of her utility and lend a hand in this community, as an alternative taking the Sub-DPS role. Xiangling will use her Pyro skills to deal high harm and trigger Soften reactions. Amber will provide crowd retain a watch on along with her Skill and Pryo resonance for some extra harm and build magnificent use of her Burst for high harm melts. Barbara will take care of the healing responsibilities whereas also freezing enemies for added crowd retain a watch on and probably response harm.


Dawnstar Piercer – Same old Assault

Same old Assault: Have as much as 5 consecutive spear strikes.
Build Assault: Drains a certain quantity of Stamina and lunges forward, dealing harm to enemies along the top design.
Plunging Assault: Plunges down from mid-air to strike the bottom below, destructive opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon affect.
1-Hit DMG: 43.2%

2-Hit DMG: 40.2%

3-Hit DMG: 53.3%

4-Hit DMG: 26.3%

5-Hit DMG: 65.6%

Charged Assault DMG – 110.6%

Charged Assault Stamina Build – 25

Fall DMG – 63.9%

Low/Excessive Fall DMG – 127.8% / 159.68%

Spring Spirit Summoning – Elemental Skill

The frosted dew, silvery and dense, shall exorcise all demons. Grants all shut by birthday party participants the Frigid Quill discontinuance and affords Cryo DMG in assorted solutions in step with whether or not it is tapped or held.

Rushes forward along with the Talisman Spirit, dealing Cryo DMG to opponents along the path.


Instructions the Talisman Spirit to deal AoE Cryo DMG.

Frigid Quill

When Same old, Charged, and Plunging Attacks, Elemental Abilities, and Elemental Bursts deal Cryo DMG to opponents, the DMG dealt is elevated in step with Shenhe’s contemporary ATK.

The Frigid Quill’s results will probably be cleared as soon as its duration ends or after being triggered a certain vogue of times. When held pretty than tapped, the Frigid Quill’s discontinuance lasts longer and can merely additionally be triggered extra times. When one Cryo DMG occasion strikes multiple opponents, the discontinuance is triggered multiple times in step with the vogue of opponents hit. The vogue of times this discontinuance is triggered is calculated independently for every birthday party member with the Frigid Quill.

Skill Attributes:

Press DMG – 139%

Opt DMG – 188.8%

DMG Bonus – 45.7% ATK

Press/Opt Length – 10s / 15s

Press/Opt trigger Quota – 5 / 7

Press CD – 10s

Opt CD – 15s

Divine Maiden’s Deliverance – Elemental Burst

Unleashes the energy of the Talisman Spirit, allowing it to sail free in this airplane, dealing AoE Cryo DMG. The Talisman Spirit then creates a self-discipline that decreases the Cryo RES and Bodily RES of opponents internal it. It also affords periodic Cryo DMG to opponents internal the self-discipline.
Skill Attributes:

Skill DMG – 101%

RES Decrease – 6%

DoT – 33.1%

Length – 12s

CD – 20s

Vitality Build – 80

Deific Include – 1st Ascension Passive

An active persona internal the self-discipline created by Divine Maiden’s Deliverance features 15% Cryo DMG Bonus.

Spirit Communion Seal – 4th Ascension Passive

After Shenhe makes use of Spring Spirit Summoning, she will grant all shut by birthday party participants the following results:
Press: Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG is elevated by 15% for 10s.

Opt: Same old, Charged, Plunging Assault DMG is elevated by 15% for 15s.

Staunch Comings And Goings – Unlocked Robotically

Beneficial properties 25% extra rewards when dispatched on a Liyue Expedition for 20 hours.


Received from Enemy Fall (Whopperflower)

  • Whopperflower Nectar
  • Vivid Nectar
  • Vitality Nectar

Bought From Domains (Tuesday/Friday/Sunday)

  • Teachings of Prosperity
  • Info to Prosperity
  • Philosophies of Prosperity

Got After Defeating Bosses (Signora Notify)

  • Hellfire Butterfly


Readability Of Heart

Spring Spirit Summoning may maybe also merely additionally be faded 1 extra time.

Centered Spirit

Divine Maiden’s Deliverance lasts for 6 seconds longer. Active characters internal the skill’s self-discipline deal 15% elevated Cryo Crucial Hit Hurt.


Will enhance the extent of Spring Spirit Summoning by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.


When characters below the discontinuance of Frigid Quill applied by Shenhe trigger its Hurt Bonus results, Shenhe will build a Skyfrost Mantra stack:

  • When Shenhe makes use of Spring Spirit Summoning, she will use all stacks of Skyfrost Mantra, rising the Hurt of that Spring Spirit Summoning by 5 p.c for every stack consumed.

  • Max 50 stacks. Stacks final for 60 seconds.

Divine Attainment

Will enhance the extent of Divine Maiden’s Deliverance by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Mystical Abandon

When characters trigger Frigid Quill’s results utilizing Same old and Charged Assault Hurt, it does not count toward the Space off Quota.


Phase 1

  • Lv.20→Lv.40
  • Mora Build: 20,000
  • Qingxin x3
  • Shivada Jade Sliver x1
  • Whopperflower Nectar x3

Phase 2

  • Lv.40→Lv.50
  • Qingxin x 10
  • Shivada Jade Sliver x3
  • Whopperflower Nectar x15
  • Drahonheir’s Faux Fin x2

Phase 3

  • Lv.50→Lv.60
  • Qingxin ×20
  • Shivada Jade Fragment ×6
  • Vivid Nectar ×12
  • Dragonheir’s Faux Fin ×4

Phase 4

  • Lv.60→Lv.70
  • Qingxin ×30
  • Shivada Jade Chunk ×3
  • Vivid Nectar ×18
  • Dragonheir’s Faux Fin ×8

Phase 5

  • Lv.70→Lv.80
  • Qingxin ×45
  • Shivada Jade Chunk ×6
  • Vitality Nectar ×12
  • Dragonheir’s Faux Fin ×12

Phase 6 (MAX)

  • Lv.80→Lv.90
  • Qingxin ×60
  • Shivada Jade Gemstone ×6
  • Vitality Nectar ×24
  • Dragonheir’s Faux Fin ×20

Nasty Stats

At Diploma 1, Shenhe starts with 1,011 HP, 24 ATK, and 65 DEF.

Needs / Availability

Shenhe is at the 2nd not on hand, as her featured banner The Transcendent One Returns has ended. She is at the 2nd not featured in the Same old Wish banner.

Thanks for studying our facts to Shenhe! In show so that you can test up on how Shenhe compares to other characters, you are going to possess to silent test out our Genshin Affect persona tier checklist!