Is Any individual Else Obsessed With “Home of the Dragon’s” Aemond Targaryen?

Is Any individual Else Obsessed With “Home of the Dragon’s” Aemond Targaryen?

I wasn’t fully equipped on the first season of Home of the Dragon. Without reference to the decades-leaping timeline, the conceal dragged, ahem, and I couldn’t salvage a persona I connected with. However something clicked in episode eight, when the childhood of chums-modified into-nemeses Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower returned to the narrative as young adults. That something modified into as soon as Aemond Targaryen, the second son of King Viserys and his young companion Alicent, the one who won’t be king but with chilly unravel very mighty wants to be. 

Along with his aquiline nose and pronounced jaw, platinum hair, and watch patch that scarcely covers a protracted scar from a youthful fight along with his nephew Lucerys, Aemond appears to be generated by AI. Conducted by the expertly solid Ewan Mitchell, whose IMDB headshot confirms Aemond’s charming aspects are no prosthetics, he’s as execrable as they reach, an irresistible anti-hero. In episode nine couldn’t abet but root for him, at the same time as he cycloptically stared down his reluctant older brother Aegon at a with out observe arranged coronation inside of the Dragonpit. 

An absence of depth notion will not be any hindrance to Aemond’s ambition: “’Tis I the youthful brother who be taught history and philosophy, it is I who trains with the sword, who rides the supreme dragon on this planet,” he boasts, and I’m now not the handiest one impressed. When Aemond and Ser Criston Cole explain over with the brothel the put they query to salvage the missing Aegon, its keeper appears to be Aemond up and down appreciatively. “The formula you’ve grown,” she says. 

Which one would you’d like as king? 

Photograph by Ollie Upton / HBO