Lil’ Kim Responds To 50 Cent’s Command Of Dissing Nicki Minaj On New Song

Lil’ Kim Responds To 50 Cent’s Command Of Dissing Nicki Minaj On New Song

“Now query what God put to his life,” acknowledged the Queen Bee.

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After 50 Cent made comments claiming that Lil’ Kim dissed Nicki Minaj in Megan Thee Stallion’s sleek “Opinion B (Remix),” all hell broke loose on Instagram between the frail G-Unit boss and Junior Mafia tale.

On Thursday (Sept. 8), 50 Cent took to his Instagram to send Nicki Minaj a message following a preview of Lil’ Kim’s verse on Megan Thee Stallion’s music. Seemingly encouraging the Queen rapstress to reply to the lyrics, Fif instigated the premise that Lil’ Kim became talking about Minaj and her family.

In the caption of a shared facet-by-facet photo of Kim and an owl, 50 Cent wrote to Nicki, “QGTM [Queens Get the Money]. You better mild her aup, I’m watching. She acknowledged something about the newborn, her baby behold fued up. LOL”

50 Cent assumingly interpreted Kim’s opening verse as a dig at Nicki Minaj’s father, brother, and son. “Nia, you’s a bih, your father’s a bih, your brother’s a bih,” Kim spits. “Withhold performing admire this and your son gon’ be a bih.”

Following Fif’s post, the Brooklyn native impulsively clapped support on the Energy executive for now not ideal making a tasteless shaggy dog sage about her daughter however for asserting things that will in the end raise him tainted karma. “It’s OK, he proper doin what bih niaz put,” spoke back Kim in a comment beneath his now-deleted post. “Now query what God put to his life.”

The “Magic Stick” collaborator then took one other shot at 50 when she commented, “Tranquil angry about that date, I gape. I ain’t know [you] became this angry [though], rattling. Fk boi. Happy [you] became [listening] though. Song became for [you].”

Because the remix started to make waves on the web and the perceived backlash started to ticket, Kim took to her Instagram account to elaborate her lyrics.

“I never acknowledged a observe about someone’s baby,” Kim wrote. “Please feel free to listen to the tune where we had been clearly talking about an ex. To are attempting and twist my words to have confidence an excuse to raise digs at my baby is disgusting. I’m one among the most disrespected legends in the game however what it’s doubtless you’ll perhaps now not put is reach for my baby.”

Kim then straight spoke back to 50 Cent and his girlfriend Jamira “Cuban Hyperlink” Haines. “I aloof can’t contemplate y’all can’t gape via 50’s lame a, disgraceful, gruesome and narcissistic tactics,” she wrote. “Y’all aloof falling for that sh*t. He created this complete unfounded account to situation off drama and confusion since the girl he wished is getting too well-known consideration.”

In a screenshot from her IG Tales, Kim added, “[Cuban Link], you is at likelihood of be a honest appropriate searching, subtle, shining lady however being with someone who overtly and conveniently assaults kids is a tainted gape. To find out whereas it’s doubtless you’ll perhaps, girl. Someone who knows me knows even supposing you happen to is at likelihood of be my enemy, I’d never exclaim anything else about someone’s baby. Formative years are off limits.”

Retract a listen to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Opinion B (remix) with Lil’ Kim here. What put you contemplate?

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