Nicki Minaj Reputedly Responds To Online Rumors: “I Esteem Lustrous I’m Sending Ppl Loopy”

Nicki Minaj Reputedly Responds To Online Rumors: “I Esteem Lustrous I’m Sending Ppl Loopy”

Whew! The on-line used to be in shambles due to rumors that a fraudulent Instagram web page started about Nicki Minaj, and the mother of 1 apparently spoke back.

Staunch as other folks relish been wiping the sleep from their eyes, an unknown individual with a now deleted IG take care of, katemiller_7, claiming to be Nicki’s ex-assistant, build free several unconfirmed accusations.

Unknown Particular person Makes Accusations About Nicki Minaj

Posting to IG tales, the person wrote:

I am Onika ex assistant who she fired who for fully no proof of fraud alongside with her checking narrative.

The legend continued to dispute,

I’m exposing all info I even relish from working for her. Alongside with the dispute messages she despatched relating to many replacement other folks…

The web page also continued to boom that Nicki despatched “$75,000” to construct her upcoming single, ‘Freaky Girls,’ on the chart.

It used to be also alleged the rapper owed $173,000,000  to the IRS.

After the narrative grew to over 31,000 other folks and  hundreds of reshares at some point soon of Facebook, IG, and Twitter with more unconfirmed accusations, Nicki Minaj posted a cryptic tweet and said:

Nicki Minaj Reputedly Responds To Online Rumors

I fancy understanding I’m sending ppl crazy [smiley emojis] you. Yes you. I’m sending fkng crazy h[smiiley emoji] you betta buckle yo muphkn seatbelts broads #FreakyGirl 8/12.

Of us spoke back and gave their idea on Twitter.

DJ Akadmiks tweeted:

This nicki Minaj assistant stuff is attention-grabbing but weird .. build it fancy this .. if u simplest show any individual when ur decrease off … what does it tell about u… u stayed aloof as soon as u relish been paid up ignoring noxious stuff. Now u stopped getting paid and u wanna show the entire lot because …??

— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) August 1, 2022

Yet any other individual added:

Okay. It’s glaring that the person exposing Nicki Minaj isn’t essentially her ex assistant BUT it’s any individual discontinuance to her that’s doing it. So handsome for the explanation that web page is fraudulent, doesn’t suggest the details they’re posting is.

— Nona Ess (@Nonaviki_Ess) August 1, 2022

Yet any other individual tweeted:

The those that mediate the Nicki Minaj assistant tea is the identical those that mediate monkey pox is a STD

— NATE (@NATERERUN) August 2, 2022

The Profile Image Proven On The Instagram Tale

Whereas the narrative looks to be named katemiller_7, the profile listing belongs to a digital marketer.

The girl Y%E2%80%99all%20handsome%20spread%20lies%20on%20Nicki%20Minaj%20name%20for%20no%20reason%20.%20I%20googled%20that%20girl%20and%20she%20is%20a%20Senior%20Vice%20President%20of%20Vocal%20Teach%[email protected]%20Republic%20%E2%80%A6.%20Why%20would%20she%20relish%20all%20those%20grammatical%20errors%20and%20why%20would%20she%20be%20her%20assistant?%20
Second%20,%20that%E2%80%99s%20no longer%20even%20that%20girl%20name%20!


%20“>pictured on the narrative is an creator and digital strategist at a marketing and PR firm. Once the details made its rounds, the narrative wrote:

I am no longer Kate Miller. I’m staying anonymous for glaring reasons.

There relish been several mock IG accounts created for the explanation that original narrative used to be deleted, and the conversation continues.

Roomies, what cease y’all specialize in this?