Nicki Minaj Shuts Down Allegations Made By Instagram Myth Claiming To Be Her Old Assistant

Nicki Minaj Shuts Down Allegations Made By Instagram Myth Claiming To Be Her Old Assistant

It used to be all a lie! Nicki Minaj held the prime situation for trending Twitter issues on Monday after an Instagram yarn claiming to be her dilapidated assistant made a quantity of posts about Nicki, her household and even her finances. Per Onika, the burner yarn used to be telling nothing but lies.

The Instagram yarn, registered to a Kate Miller, made almost 50 posts threatening to expose secrets and methods in regards to the rapper.

I’m Onika ex assistant who she fired for completely no proof of fraud with her bank yarn. I’m exposing all recordsdata I in truth have from working for her, Along with the declare messages she despatched me in relation to many replacement folks.”

In a slew of extra posts, the yarn alleged that Nicki owes the IRS $173 million in unpaid taxes. Diversified posts alleged that she paid for her tune ‘Freaky Lady’ to function it on the tune charts and that Nicki and Kenneth petty named their son Amadeus Cyril Petty, despite the couple’s resolution not to dispute his birth establish to the public.


Nicki fired her assistant and the DRAMA -thread

Don’t @ me no nonsense situation off I received’t answer situation off I’m not a fan I’m correct searching on the ☕️ unfold

— brèa (@juicebox_bby) August 1, 2022

Nicki hopped on dwell to conclude down the allegations, citing that she believes a total fanbase is attempting to “gain rid” of her. She additionally laughed on the foundation of her “assistant” attempting to spill her tea on-line.

Everyday I study that y’all getting dumber and f*cking dumber. The various day I was on Twitter and I noticed this total fanbase, b*tch. They marked up a total spreadsheet asserting ‘This what we boutta save to avoid wasting away with Nicki at final.’ And they used to be asserting all forms of sh*t and I correct used to be like woah that is unhappy correct.

I’m thoughts blown that contributors are this f*cking dumb. That folks are in truth believing that I got anyone that work for me and now they spilling tea, Chile. But, it’s not even that. It’s the tea sound so f*cking dumb. And for a particular person to imagine it, that it’s seemingly you’ll presumably can must be dumb. It’s clearly a child.”

The Instagram web page has since been deleted.

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