Nicole Kidman’s Unheard of AMC Advert Is Getting a Sequel

Nicole Kidman’s Unheard of AMC Advert Is Getting a Sequel

The united states’s common advert is getting a sequel. Billy Ray, the screenwriter within the abet of Nicole Kidman’s liked advert for AMC theaters, has confirmed completely to Vanity Dazzling that a sequel to the viral advert is already in dash. 

“I got a text from the chairman of AMC about a month within the past asking me if I’d write the following one, and naturally the retort to that is yes,” Ray mentioned. “It’s already written.”

Ahead of writing the iconic line “in a contrivance, heartbreak feels magnificent in a living love this,” Ray became as soon as primarily acknowledged as an done Hollywood screenwriter, penning films love Flightplan, The Hunger Games, Richard Jewell, and Captain Phillips, for which he got an Oscar nomination. Kidman and Ray previously collaborated on the 2015 movie Secret in Their Eyes; she’s next space to neatly-known person in Adrian Lyne’s forthcoming movie adaptation of the suspense thriller The Silent Partner, which Ray adapted from the unconventional by A.S.A Harrison. Ray says Kidman reached out without extend to demand if he’d write the first AMC advert. 

“When Nicole first asked me to pause it, I became as soon as factual doing it as a desire,” says Ray. “I mentioned I’d pause it with out cost factual because I’m a fan and a chum of hers.” Happily for Ray, his agent cautioned him in opposition to doing the gig with out cost. “My agent mentioned, ‘No, that’s no longer what’s taking place here. It’s predominant to be paid for this,’” he says with fun. “And it looks my agent became as soon as factual, since it’s had precise fee.”

The flexibility and impact of Kidman, clad in a fascinating grey swimsuit as she walks down the hallways of an AMC theater sooner than taking her seat, has been a shock to Ray. “No one saw this coming,” says Ray. “No one.” Because the advert began taking half in sooner than films at AMC theaters across the nation, it’s spawned multiple parodies, from Bravo commercials to Broadway. The situation became as soon as so winning that AMC announced it had prolonged Kidman’s contract for yet another 365 days, despite the undeniable fact that it became as soon as unclear when or whether a brand contemporary advert would possibly possibly possibly be ushered into the world. 

Happily, there’s now yet another one within the works. “I’m very, very pondering it,” Ray says. When asked what the contemporary advert can also scrutinize love, despite the undeniable fact that, the screenwriter became as soon as comparatively tight-lipped. “All I’m in a position to repeat you about it is we’re no longer boring ample to soar within the face of the one we’ve already done and take a look at to top it,” he says. “So it’s a extraordinarily, very varied come that would possibly possibly possibly also be a runt bit of a wink to the one we’ve already done.”

And while you were skittish that AMC can be getting into yet another route and dating a sure actress to welcome us abet into the theater, grief no longer: Kidman is here to quit. “For sure it’s with Nicole,” Ray says. “I’m no longer doing it with out Nicole.” 

AMC didn’t without extend retort to Vanity Dazzling’s query for observation.