Rare sugars expert declares man made sweetener step forward

Rare sugars expert declares man made sweetener step forward

Asserting they’ve reached initial mission milestones as phase of their strategic collaboration, the companies goal to enhance the performance of just a few enzymes that catalyze cascade reactions within the power manufacturing of low-calorie, ultra low-glycemic, naturally occurring sweeteners.

Tagatose has attracted consideration as a sweetener. However despite its health advantages over sugar, tagatose’s cost-effective manufacturing remains a roadblock.

Bonumose has developed a course of using cornstarch as a change of lactose from milk that could well perhaps doubtlessly lower manufacturing charges vastly by 80 p.c (to spherical $3/kg).

The firm makes expend of its proprietary enzymatic technology platform to convert plentiful plant-basically based totally feedstocks to uncommon sugars thru three patented breakthoughs: irreversible enzymatic reactions; low price and globally-plentiful starch feedstocks; and continuous manufacturing processes with traditional HFCS/sugar instruments. 

It said the tie-up with Germany’s BRAIN Biotech will kind its operation extra cost efficient.

The firm makes expend of just a few enzymes inner the synthesis cascades and BRAIN Biotech is optimizing just a few of these enzymes using enzyme engineering.

Bonumose has developed a patented course of for producing every tagatose and allulose (no longer yet current to be used within the EU) which eliminates just a few processing steps and vastly increases yields loyal thru the manufacturing course of.

Patrick Lorenz, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives BioScience at BRAIN Biotech said:  “BRAIN Biotech´s enzyme technology suite has confirmed all over yet again to deliver on a customer´s hard protein engineering targets. In accordance with rational structure- and sequence-guided create we improved particular person enzymes and their cumulative performance in cascades to greater match manufacturing course of requirements. The closing goal is making manufacturing of Bonumose´s handy uncommon sugars a lot extra cost efficient.”

In accordance with Bonumose, Tagatose is nice for all drinks, including but no longer restricted to: cushy drinks, fruit juices, tea, coffee, dairy-basically based totally drinks, and non-dairy that you will be in a status to imagine picks to dairy. It additionally blends successfully with stevia and other high-depth sweeteners to balance out the beauty onset and lingering, overcome bitterness, and add mouthfeel.

Ed Rogers, Co-founder and CEO at Bonumose, said: “Tagatose and allulose absorb 92% and 70% the great thing about sucrose but easiest 38 % and 10 % of the calories. Our mission is to construct them in a low price manufacturing course of from commodity carbohydrates. Our pattern collaborator BRAIN Biotech has handed the third milestone within the collaboration and thanks to their enzyme engineering, analytics and enzyme assay expertise we’re heading within the correct direction and assured to meet our developmental targets.”