Shock Studios’ ‘Armor Wars’ Starring Don Cheadle Upgraded To Movie Start

Shock Studios’ ‘Armor Wars’ Starring Don Cheadle Upgraded To Movie Start

Armor Battles from Shock Studios will not be a television expose.

As a replace, per The Hollywood Reporter, Shock will redevelop the Don Cheadle-connected Disney+ series into a fats-measurement movie after they “committed to getting the story urged the steady scheme.” 

Shock had at the delivery been having a survey to delivery up manufacturing on the series at the highest of 2023, but with the sudden shift in course, that date can also shortly replace. 

Though Kevin Feige, president of Shock Studios, announced Armor Wars in behind 2020, the project is aloof rather unknown to the final public. The movie has no connected director and no contemporary casting bulletins.

Armor Wars is predicated totally on the renowned 1987-88 Iron Man comics storyline of the same name. The customary story arc used to be created by David Michelinie, Bob Layton, and Mark Intellectual, the build Tony Stark’s expertise fell into enemy palms. 

Cheadle, who made his Shock debut in 2010’s Iron Man 2, is field to reprise his characteristic as Battle Machine within the newly announced movie, with Yassir Lester poised to preserve on the movie as head author. 

Nonetheless sooner than he gets his first solo Shock movie, Cheadle, 54, will appear within the MCU series, Secret Invasion. The project will additionally megastar Samuel L. Jackson and is scheduled to advance on Disney+ in 2023.