Stormlight Archives Roleplaying Game Coming in 2024

Stormlight Archives Roleplaying Game Coming in 2024

Brandon Sanderson and Brotherwise Games has presented plans to originate a tabletop roleplaying sport in accordance with the hit delusion collection The Stormlight Archives. The fresh sport became presented final evening for the interval of Sanderson’s weekly livestream, which featured Brotherwise Games co-founder Johnny O’Neal. Stormlight Role Playing Game is mute early in trend, however O’Neal properly-known they were in the technique of gathering a team of RPG designers and editors and would additionally be reaching out to the fanbase in the arriving months to behold what they indispensable in the upcoming sport. The fresh Stormlight Role Playing Game became tentatively scheduled for liberate in 2024. 

The Stormlight Archives is one in every of the foundational collection of the Cosmere, a shared universe of delusion books written by Sanderson. The books spend space on a world buffeted by storms and focal level on the reformation of the Knights Unbiased, magically-powered warriors with blades that can perhaps well decrease via nearly all the pieces and huge items of armor. With a cast of tons of of characters and a neighborhood stout of mysteries and surprising unearths, the fundamental four books of The Stormlight Archives are all most productive-sellers. 

Brotherwise Games is additionally constructing a line of top payment Stormlight Archives miniatures, with a Kickstarter for the miniatures already having raised over $2.2 million. O’Neal properly-known that one in every of his first jobs in the tabletop replace became writing articles for Dragon magazine (a magazine centered on Dungeons & Dragons) and that his Name to Dawdle sport attracts heavily from tabletop RPGs. Brotherwise Games additionally launched a Stormlight Archives version of Name to Dawdle. 

It goes to be a whereas sooner than we hear extra particulars in regards to the upcoming RPG, including whether this would perhaps well use 5E guidelines, another sport engine, or shall be developed entirely from the flooring up. Alternatively, will chronicle on any particulars in regards to the fresh games as they develop into on hand. 


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