The Creator Of Fire Logo Has Released A Trace Unique Technique RPG On Steam

The Creator Of Fire Logo Has Released A Trace Unique Technique RPG On Steam

Shouzou Kaga has a delicate hefty resume beneath his belt. That is the one who created the Fire Logo sequence, finally! Kaga labored with Shining Programs from the very first sport’s inception — Fire Logo: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Gentle — genuine up unless 1999’s Fire Logo: Thracia 776. That’s six Fire Logo games he’s labored on.

Now the sequence is gargantuan worldwide, however Kaga has tiny to assemble with the franchise, however he hasn’t packed in sport improvement steadily. Genuinely, Kaga has been busy making a impress original strategy RPG — and a sequel, tiny doubt. (Thanks Rock Paper Shotgun for bringing this to our attention!)

Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister is a practice-up to the first sport in the sequence, which obtained its first legitimate English open on Steam support in 2019. This 2d sport, identified as Vestaria Saga Gaiden in Japan, became truly launched in the nation support in 2019, however DANGEN Entertainment has been working on bringing the title over right here.

The first sport became a tough-as-nails venerable-college strategy RPG, associated to the older Fire Logo games, so we demand the sequel to verbalize pretty of rough and tumble to the genre all over again. The sequence is made by Vestaria Project, with Kaga working as a key member there alongside a team of volunteers, and the games are created in free on-line sport-making intention SRPG Studio.

That is a story summary alongside with about a of the game’s key facets and original additions, pulled straight from its Steam net page:

Vestaria Saga is a strategy RPG sequence the put positioning, motion, and weaponry are paramount to success. Pass your intently armed objects round a classically styled grid-basically basically based completely design and snatch pirates, rebels, monsters, imperial squaddies, and anybody else that stands on your come.

While Vestaria Saga I chronicled the battles that ensued in the Solvian-Meledian Battle, Vestaria Saga II specializes in the additional adventures of Zade, the hero from VS1, bringing the tales of him and his companions to a thrilling, fulfilling cease. All over his account quest, Zade will stumble upon allies both original and venerable whereas additionally uncovering more of the mysteries in the support of the vile Margulites and their idea to drop Vestaria accurate into a original age of darkness.


– Unique classes, equipment, and abilities to cash in on of across a mighty broader fluctuate of maps compared to its predecessor

– Ally conversations now confer stat boosts and other advantages

– A slew of other quality of life enhancements had been made to the basic VS system

– An appealing campaign of espionage, global intrigue, and battle written by veterans of the genre

– Varied story paths and endings in accordance to your decisions and who survives to the tip

– Over 30 queer characters to recruit with a wide fluctuate of classes, weapons, and abilities

– Intricate maps stuffed with a unfold of enemies and strategic puzzles to beat

– A rebalanced, single nervousness mode

– The ability to keep every turn so as that that you just can also rapid undo any mistakes you maintain got made right via a fight

– A stout English script translated from the usual Jap by a historical translator

– One other chapter in a strategy RPG sequence that builds upon Jap SRPG traditions


After a ship carrying a Solvian imperial diplomat became mistakenly region ablaze in Meledian waters, the Solvian Emperor Manneus declared battle on the island kingdom. Led by the well-known total Ajax, Solvia’s imperial forces soon invaded Meledian shores. As soon as Meleda suffered a well-known defeat in the Strive in opposition to of Frist, the Empire rapid swooped in to utilize the royal capital of Regina. Overwhelmed previous any hope of recovery, Meleda became compelled to ogle its invaders brutally wipe 500 years of history genuine off the face of the design. And so, one 300 and sixty five days handed… As soon as idea to maintain long previous missing, the younger princess Athol miraculously returned to the royal capital and freed its of us via a infected fight.

The one who fought valiantly by her side and helped lead her to victory became none rather then Zadrian, the younger inheritor to Redessa. Meleda praised Zadrian as a national hero, showering him with reputation and glory that a long way exceeded what they had once shown his elder brother Zecharias, the dominion’s finest knight. Zech became now not handiest engaged to the princess, he became additionally the performing commander of the Meledian navy… And most importantly, he became Zade’s sizable brother– the one who Zade beloved and respected better than anybody else. Feeling like his very presence had become a stain on his dear brother’s recognition, Zade decided to fling away the capital and region off on a original scoot to the Temenos of Vesta. He took with him on his quest handiest a single traveling companion: Accorte Roland, a student of Sphire’s magic academy and the daughter of a man who once saved Zade’s life…

The game is free to net in Japan, however you will maintain to make use of your gold cash to utilize a reproduction of this on Steam. And, for the time being, that is the handiest impart that you just can also earn it. Now we maintain by no methodology viewed the first entry on Switch either. So whereas we would opt to peek this on a Nintendo console, this would likely by no methodology happen. So we will maintain to present the game a dash on our PCs then!

You would per chance per chance perhaps presumably strive the Vestaria Saga II genuine right here, or even you would per chance per chance take up the first sport — Vestaria Saga I: Battle of the Scions — which that you just can also additionally utilize from Steam.

Relish you ever performed Vestaria Saga sooner than? Are you queer about the sequel? Narrate us!