The Crown: What Came about to the Royal Yacht Britannia?

The Crown: What Came about to the Royal Yacht Britannia?

The Crown season five begins and ends with the identical intention level: The Royal Yacht Britannia. The vessel serves as a—barely glaring—metaphor in the main episode, the save Imelda Staunton’s Queen Elizabeth describes it as “a floating, seagoing model of me.” The venture along with her metaphorical marine self? It’s in desperate need of multi-million dollar repairs. 

She asks British prime minister John Main, performed by Jonny Lee Miller, whether or no longer the federal government could be in a fame to serve foot the bill. He, in flip, asks if the royal family could front the worth, given the general public pushback they each could receive if this kind of seemingly extravagant project was as soon as approved. In the rest episode of the season (a issue in confidence to the reader: spoilers will apply), Tony Blair and Queen Elizabeth conform to decommission the yacht after Prince Charles’s time out to Hong Kong.

The Crown is identified for taking basic of its intention enviornment matter from staunch-life events. In the case of the Royal Yacht Britannia, even supposing—what in actuality came about to the boat, and the intention basic political controversy did it in actuality reason?

To return to the muse, King George VI first commissioned the royal yacht that will turn into the Britannia in 1952. It was as soon as an spirited project, as the old reliable boat had belonged to Queen Victoria, and was as soon as ceaselessly ever frail. (Queen Victoria, for one, did not enjoy the water and never sailed.) Then, at some level of the early 20th century, England was as soon as mostly at warfare, and making an enormous, leisurely-crusing luxurious ship would be an enormous security likelihood in worldwide waters. 

The Royal Yacht Britannia, George determined, should always each be an extravagant vessel and a purposeful one, in a fame to double as a effectively being facility if times of warfare had been to come up again. In 1953, the newly-crowned Queen Elizabeth christened the ship with a bottle of wine, as champagne was as soon as aloof seen as too extravagant put up-warfare. In 1954, she fame fly for the main time.

The Royal Yacht fulfilled many functions, most of them leisurely. Over the years, the boat hosted four royal honeymoons, including that of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, as effectively as many family holidays. In 1969, after his investiture as the Prince of Wales, Charles hosted an intimate celebration on board to celebrate. (Newspapers on the time wrote that he danced along with his pricey buddy Lucia Santa Cruz—the very one that at remaining launched him to Camilla Parker Bowles.)