WATCH: Mayhem Erupts After Classic College Bus Driver Refuses To Let Younger of us Off The Bus To Meet Their Fogeys

WATCH: Mayhem Erupts After Classic College Bus Driver Refuses To Let Younger of us Off The Bus To Meet Their Fogeys

An elementary school bus driver in Georgia became slapped by a father or mother after allegedly forcing the college students to reside on the bus, prompting some young of us to climb out of the windows of the bus at a notoriously busy intersection, viral videos existing.

The Paulding County College District school bus driver confirmed that college bus driver has since been suspended, whereas police proceed to investigate an altercation between the change driver and of us, in accordance to WSB-TV.

Driver Refused To Let Students Off The Bus, Prompting Students To Climb Out Of Bus Windows

The battle reportedly took place on Wednesday afternoon on the intersection of Extinct Harris Street and Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway, where there’s a bus reside for varsity students at Allgood Classic.

Several viral TikTok videos existing some folks telling their young of us methods to climb out of the window, with one father or mother viewed banging on the door so that you can catch the bus driver to originate it.

It sounds as if she requested ID from folks & some didn’t have it so she didn’t let the young of us off. She then made up our minds to power wait on to the college with the young of us on it after this. Some folks made up our minds to head after her, reside the bus & catch their young of us off themselves

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A separate video obtained by WSB-TV shows one other father or mother slapping the bus driver within the face, who then sits down and closes the door earlier than utilizing off with young of us in tow.

Additional footage of the incident shows young of us sticking their heads out of the bus windows as they are going to be heard screaming for serve.

Substitute College Bus Driver Refused To Hand Over Younger of us To Fogeys, Citing ID Rule At Drop-Off

Officers with the Paulding County Schools instructed the outlet that the bus’s standard driver had known as out sick that day, which explains the presence of a change driver.

The district said its fall-astray of, which involves folks providing ID in mumble to catch their young of us off the bus, became “backed up,” because the motive force tried to fall off the younger college students first.

“A backup resulted, and the be anxious soon escalated as folks waited on the reside for his or her college students,” the district said in an announcement.


here is the assorted attitude, the young of us did originate the emergency door however any individual closed it #fyp #pauldingcountygeorgia

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Some folks went up to now as to make mumble of their autos to dam the college bus from leaving with their young of us, creating a traffic congestion as authorities arrived on scene, in accordance to Dallas Assistant Police Chief Invoice Gorman.

Gorman added responding officers noticed traffic backed up, a automobile blocking off a college bus and some extraordinarily irate folks.

Students Finally Advance Home Safely, Police Investigation Ongoing Officers Notify

The college students within the destroy arrived home safely with serve from a supervisor, a spokesperson for Paulding County colleges said.

On the change hand, folks said there must quiet indubitably be consequences for the change school bus driver’s habits, with one citing how shut the bus reside is to a inner attain foremost freeway.

“That’s so unsafe, and all of the traffic on 278 is speeding by at 60 mph,” one father or mother said. “That’s loopy.”

Dallas police is at the moment dealing with the investigation, which stays ongoing. Police are asking anyone with more knowledge on the incident to electronic mail investigator Lt. Selleck at [email protected].