(anticipation) GU Long: turtle,ote,bisi,mop for FOREXCOM:GBPUSD by TRILLIONAIREVA377

$ dxy is currently short, so we anticipate X/USD pairs LONG,
$ daily candles have created higher highs, thus confirming BULLISH continuation (hint: look at the higher high wicks that are stacked up on top of eachother)
$ price is already BELOW M.O.P (midnight 00:00 opening price)… meaning that price is in a DISCOUNT area preparing for cheaper LONG entries, (im Using the horizontal Blue Line Forex Midnight Open Indicator)
$ ote 62-72% set up within crosshairs… so id like to see price hit this area for my entry, *MY OTE IS COLOR CODE IN GOLD FIB LEVELS*
$ 1hr bisi + 1hr order block is in confluence w/ ote set up ENTRY area,

$ my various entry options are based on the entire (top,50% and bottom) structure of 1hr Orderblocks & 1hr+4hr Imbalances,
$ tp assessed from recent old london high… which is sitting right under the confluence of previous old london 4hr sibi’s.
$ liquidity purge of ~50 pips is a HUGE HINT for a turtle soup or judas swing ote high probabilty trade opportunity, = it created a HL
$ bos was created by the london high= it created our new HH,
$ im looking for my entries to be hit during NY kill zones (7-11am EDT ) on wens, as tues/wens are great volatile entry days
$ 343 $

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