ETH USD – Full analysis for BITSTAMP:ETHUSD by LupaCapital

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hello analysts and traders,

Master Key for zones

Blue = Monthly

Purple = weekly

Red = 4 Days

Yellow = 16 Hours

Orange = Daily

Dark Green = 8 Hour

Grey = 4hour

Pink = 1 hour

This is the first publication for free regarding Ethereum cryptocurrency, this will be a full comprehensive breakdown using imbalances – on a multi time frame analysis with cross pairs.

A Note before reading – this is a forecast quick analysis – based upon our trading strategy. This is tagged long, due to purchasing further increments upon imbalances.

Please do not take this as face value and conduct the relevant investment strategy to successfully trade the probabilities.

Below are the monthly imbalances

Firstly using the monthly timeframe , this has provided two key zones of interests for long positions.

(i) the first zone has created a perfect early opportunity where price has firstly established a high of $143X dollars and retested the low – creating an inefficiency between the high and the low. Now from the low test – price has confirmed a strong imbalance where price can now target to create an equal high.

(ii) the second zone which marks an in efficiency – is between $200 – 490, where the monthly zone had created a bearish month – by creating a pathway from the bearish candle high, notice how price closed out the previous wick on the falling pattern back in July 2018. This is the key identifier which price has re-aligned creating a fractal pattern on the weekly.

(i) A bullish fractal is created when the low point is established, with two higher low bars/candles on each side of it.
(ii) A bearish fractal occurs when there is a high point with two lower high bars/candles on each side of it.

Here are the weekly imbalances

Here are the three zones which are imbalances created in the past. Price is currently forming a weekly/monthly imbalance at this moment, however it is difficult to determine without a close. So longs are still activated in a buying pattern upon the long term outlook and short term outlook .

The first zone established – has been created using the previously created all time high from $1100 – $1400- the previous monthly wick has been closed out by the imbalances of the buyers and can become the lowest imbalance but also the strongest to identify where price will able to drop to in a bearish probable scenario.

the second zone is placed above – where price created a retracement from the high established.

Using the Fibonacci tool, price aligns to a low of 50% which touches the zone perfectly. This is a perfect pivot point to complete the overextension sequence using the weekly. [refer to chart ii]

Chart ii

Four day chart

Price has established strong zones where price has created a bearish candle and price has reacted of this zone as expected – ultimately retesting the zone.

The upper newly established imbalance on the four day has created a retest opportunity.

Daily bearish scenario

With the daily chart also showing a possible probability of price falling to the $2500 level.


1. – the confirmation of the imbalance on the newly established four day and weekly align.

2. price breaks towards the $3100-200 zone.

3. confirmation of this as a swap – to confirm the overall monthly sequence. price will provide $2500 as a buying imbalance.

8 hour

Below are the eight hour imbalances, start to notice when overlaying the price on the proceeding chart where price will lock in the same zones.

This is a fractal , where the same pattern will emerge in time frames, just creating a different formation to complete the pattern.

Cross pair analysis

Tracking the closest correlated coins . Ethereum , of course being the 2nd highest coin .

Bitcoin cash – Orange

Litecoin – Sky blue

Monero – Yellow
Stellar Lumens – Purple.

Using a line chart graph, you can distinctly find where price has shown a similar market structure using imbalances. Notice the pattern formation on the in the two current zones. the correlated assets are providing insights, respective to the pathway desired by price between the new imbalances.

All coins have , the extension pathway has created opportunities here to continue longs – where the weekly zones and monthly zones indicate the buying zones or profit targets for sellers in kind.

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Position and swing trades
Provide updates where necessary – with new updated ideas tracking the progress.

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