Fine BTC. Take the original path after we preclude you from it. for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by ClearOpenDoor

So annoying. I neglected the strength of that initial impulse and finally closed out of my short position at a loss. Sadly I’ve mentioned the probability of a strong spring at 29.4 many times and how the last time btc got bought up right above it, which began the move to 36.5. I was way way ahead on that short trade but when the time came I didn’t look close enough for the reversal from the spring zone and adapt by taking my profits and flipping long. Another hard-earned lesson.

The strength of this move upward will take us a bit further this time. In short order we will touch 38.6 before moving back down, again. I was waiting to reach that target weeks ago and instead we created a downward channel . That’s okay, the king is running out of moves to be tricky and with the time constraints we have for this double bubble scenario I feel like I finally have him dead to rights.

Right now we are way overbought on all the ltfs, yet we could squeeze up just a bit further. If we continue blasting and reach over 35 I may take a short position for a day or two; secondly I will be looking for a long entry on the B pullback of this move. Thirdly I am taking the cursed short position all the way down to around 24 once and for all and FINALLY I am longing the blank out of EVERYTHING from that point until the end of the year.

Still figuring out what the top equation is going to look like, for now we’ll just play the weekly and intraday moves until we erupt out of this range once and for all.

Right now I’m feeling disappointed in myself for not seeing this coming. I appreciate any input you may wish to give.

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