Gamma Squeeze & Volume Pattern on AMC, GME and NAKD for NYSE:GME by CryptoFundManager

AMC Entertainment The Most Shorted Stock
Float Shorted 84.30%
If people continue buying and not selling the stocks of AMC , because it is that heavily shorted by the institutional investors, a Gamma Squeeze can happen which will send the price of AMC shares to $40.

I put this target because i corelated the volume of GME and NAKD before the huge Gamma Squeezes, which was around $400Mil and led to 14X respectively 25X on Gamestop, .

What is interesting this time is that Robinhood won`t try to block buyers like the last time to save itself or the intuitional investors from losing money. So it will be a great show to watch tomorrow and the next week.

This will be a no holds barred game!

But what is a Short Squeeze and a Gamma Squeeze?

Short squeeze is when a rising stock price forces people who had sold the stock short to buy back those shares, driving stock prices higher.

A gamma squeeze takes things one step further, forcing additional stock-buying activity due to open options positions on the underlying stock. A gamma squeeze is behind a large part of the recent meteoric rise in the share price of GameStop (NYSE: GME ). (

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