IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Question Answer(s) GREAT job on the IPO Webinar yesterday Ken & Justin… Thanks, Rick! Ticker of the day RS or JAGR Stones!!! “Don’t Make a Grown Man Cry” – well, that was yesterday… Umm. Yup. or Grown Woman Cry Too. 🙂 Justin – Ken did a great job on the mining for IPO Gold webinar yesterday. thanks very much Leslie! Others can check it out here — Justin & Ken – Appreciated the IPO Webinar. I finally understand what an IPO base is. thanks so much Elaine. Good morning guys. Excellent webinar yesterday on IPO’s. Helped me to better understand IPO’s, and their bases. Thanks!! Awesome! Glad it helped. GNRC disappointing on EPS miss. Especially disappointing for holders. 🙁 what was chris’ pick for the day? Capital One (COF) Where can I watch the IPO webinar? “ Enjoy!” Is there a high pitched noise going on? It goes away when I turn my volume down. We’re looking into it. Good Morning All! I hear a high pitch, anyone else? I can hear it as well — did it go away when I muted my mic? There is a high pitch ringing Ken is working on getting it fixed. no high pitch here…. We had a power surge, but fortunately it’s fixed now! GM everyone! I’m curious if you guys/gal would use a close below the 21 day EMA to sell some GNRC shares as it had respected it on this entire recent run up or would you still stick with 10 week line as your sell signal? Hi Steve, Hatman (uh, Tieman? 🙂 ) here. I can understand people who have high conviction in the stock may want to give it a chance to test and get support at the 10-week MA. The stock has proven to be a true CAN SLIM leader. Of course, it really depends on your average cost per share. I had bought it relatively late in this current run, so I became more prone to taking profits on the way. The good thing about being an individual investor: We can always buy shares back when the dust settles! Dave high pitch squeal Power surge in the newsroom. We’re working on it. Hello, we can still hear the high pitch noise. The newsroom had a power surge. We are trying to fix it now. RVLV – Just broke a downward sloping trendline . . . tricky stock. Amazing that it’s up 7 consecutive days. Hatman – you said that you do covered calls in personal account and left cash in IRA. I am doing exactly opposite, I have long term leaders in personal and do covered calls and play in IRA account to manage taxes. What is your logic doing the other way? Hi Sara, good morning! I actually also have made covered calls in my IRA. The main reason I do most of the covered calls in the trading account is that it’s by far my largest in size! wow… GOOGL Got its mojo back! Wilmer, if you check out the weekly chart, and you try to draw an upper channel, it hasn’t broken one yet. So, to me, like Chris, GOOGL deserves more room to keep going up. Dave — Thanks to both Justin & Ken for the very informative webinar yesterday Glad you like it! RGEN live answered Good morning! GOOG & GOOGL acting differently this morning. ? (both up, anyway) live answered RGEN hits pivot live answered Sold gnrc at 25 to 30% profit early this month One of the benefits of booking profits into strength. AMD — It feels as though there’s some “Overhead” resistance between $ 92.50 – 99.23. Certainly, Peter; so perhaps the 95.54 handle entry is a really good test of that upside resistance! thoughts on shop price action today plz? slowdown in gross merchandise volume growth seems to be weighing on shares (Q4, 99%, Q1 114%, Q2 +40%) Please comment on RGEN live answered Can we look at MAT? Good earnings, was up overnight and already pressing back. Massive short interest. Would that be the issue? Hi Nancy, this is a great Q. To me the short interest may look heavy, but it’s only 4.7% of the current float. So, it doesn’t seem to me to be a major factor behind this morning’s pullback. No doubt, shares sold short has gone up in terms of it being 7.1 times the current average volume of 2.27 million shares. But, 16.1 mil shares is 4.7% of the float of 341.8 mil. More info here. Cheers, Hatman Dave — Thoughts on TDOC? It’s in a major downtrend. To weak to be actionable with our style right now. Do you ever use a trailing stop on positions like GNRC? We typically don’t use trailing stops. We look at moving averages like the 10-week to make our sells once a stock starts trending higher. I never sale this GNRC I make a lots money. Should I buy it? RC, thanks for joining us; if Generac survives this first test of the 10-week MA following the June breakout, then it does trigger a follow-on buy opp. More detail in these stories. Hatman Dave —
and Can we look at INMD after HUGE beat on earnings and current action… I know INMD gapped up a few weeks ago on preliminary figures. Haven’t looked at the report – may have been priced into the stock. As for INMD itself – stock is extended from buy zone. What do you think of BSX. Has broken out of a 17 year cup with handle pattern I actually like it; the risk is well defined; the base featured some good shakeouts of weak holders, and actually much of the latest base formed above the 10-week MA on a weekly chart; no down weeks in heavy volume within the base, and the
base itself proved tighter than the prior big cup with handle that formed from Oct to April. Just my thoughts, Hatman Dave ‘”You’re going to find a reason to sell it” Irusha, truer words have never been spoken 🙂 I’m working on that… live answered ‘@ Justin – Yes,, I was looking at a 20% yesterday and then it hit my protective stop a few minutes ago for a 10% profit. Lesson learned on the stop loss. Chris’s and Irusha’s point were great. As a neb I’ll take that 10% profit and consider
the potential money on the table as tuition fee’s! live answered GNRC has their conference call at 9 central time Good point, Bob. I’ll jump in and point that out. Did Irusha just say always buy off the 10 week in a 3rd stage base? 1st or 2nd stage base. Thoughts on rgen? live answered Could we review IBD 50 IPO AVTR, earnings coming up on Thursday? Seems to be holding in there. Doing alright. A modest cushion from the recent buy point – but not a huge cushion. RGEN buyable with this market? live answered GNRC – Earnings call at 7am PDT which should move the stock one way or the other. live answered nothing but reversals, why? No idea. A lot of these stocks have run up, a lot, in recent weeks. Is INMD a go now that earnings are past? I don’t see a good buy point. INMD surged earlier this month on blowout preliminary figures. How do you interpret short interest in Market smith?What does the % mean? Using AMD as an example, 2.2 days means that it would take 2.2% days to cover the short position in the stock based on AMD’s average daily trading volume of around $39 million. The +8% means short interest increased 8% from the last reporting
period. Why is GOOG up so little? I don’t why GOOG reacts different from GOOGL. GOOGL is the most active one. BASE COUNTS What is the psychology of resetting the base count when a new base undercuts a prior base? It shows sellers getting shaken out of a stock, which can pave the way for a new upside move. Is there a separate list of Long term leaders apart from the holdings in Leaderboard Take a look at this list found among IBD Stock Lists section. Is Pypl a start now earning out of way Earnings not out of the way yet on PYPL. After the close today. Shop? live answered don’t forget that UPS announced a slowdown in shipping that would also affect SHOP excellent point, yes. How do I go about attending a conference call The Investor Relations area on any corporate website has a place to sign up. In looking at SHOP, 2021 est. annual earnings is 4.38; in 1st 2 qtrs company has earned ( $2.01+$2.24) $4.25. If they only earn .13 in the last 2 qtrs of 2021 will that put pressure on the stock? Well, annual estimates are a concern for me. But, the annual estimates will rise, if only to reflect Q2’s blowout results. That’s the other thing. SHOP tends to crush views. So whatever the estimates are for Q3/Q4, Shopify seems likely to
beat by a lot. However, to circle back, it seems highly likely that SHOP EPS growth will slow as comparisons become trickier. Is the 197 Industry Group chart updated daily or once a week? 197 industry group rankings are updated daily Would not be surprised if GNRC closes well over 400 today Hope so, but that’s an optimistic view considering gap down in heavy volume. Good morning IBD team. Thanks to Justin & Ken …Gold Rush webinar was well done and meaningful to me. Thanks so much Sylvia. COF down 1.4% now, thoughts? Holding above 50-day, not far from buy point. Looks fine so far. Opinion TRMR Nice breakout. We’ll see if it holds. What are the criteria for long term leaders? Is the list available? Here’s the list. We are generally looking at stocks that have relative strength lines trending higher and they tend to have very stable
earnings with solid growth (at least double digits annually). Solid double digit EPS growth over a minimum 5 years, solid earnings stability, good fund sponsorship, and making normal looking pullbacks to key levels including the 10-week
moving average. SHOP turned positive Still down for the week, so for me, the question is how much of the prior week’s gains does SHOP keep? Irusha, I love you man!!! Always so transparent… We love Irusha!!! Hey Justin, I’m not seeing the list. I can read through the article and pull names – but not seeing the list. I hate to be so daft! Scroll down below the article to see the list! AAPL is moving pretty good from the bottom Phil, if the weekly loss following eight straight up weeks is moderate, then it will be an impressive reaction to earnings. CRWD — Nice Price Action today . . . Volume is weak, which leads me to believe it will form a BASE on BASE. I’ve been thinking the same way, Peter! Hatman — Do they have swing trader watchlist? Here’s a watch list specifically geared towards swing trades. Yes, do use them; would be helpful to have some insight into why u folks pull stocks off the ready list; and why one is added; would reinforce the CAN SLIM rules. Sure, but then you wouldn’t get the list until midnight. 🙂 Could you go over how to download the list and import into MarketSmith? I was able to do it one time and then it hasn’t worked. Ask and you shall receive. Ali’s got you. Is ready list mimic the MS “near pivot” list? Near pivot is computer generated using pattern recognition algorithm. Our ready lists and watch lists are human generated. How can you put the ready list in MarketSmith? Then everyone has it and it isn’t special for IBD Live subscribers. INMD, earnings up. Stock down? What is going on with so many of these? INMD preannounced earnings a few weeks ago and raised guidance, a lot. That sent INMD soaring. So perhaps there wasn’t much news in the actual results. In any case, it’s holding onto the bulk of its recent gains. Looking fine. How can I rewatch IPO Gold Rush webinar ? You can find the webinar here: where is the industry spreadsheet that you go over on Mondays? List importing into MarketSmith can be finicky. That’s why Irusha was sweating through that whole discussion. Ali – can you please show Industry group list from each monday. I can’t find that Arusha, I am 64 & I can do it! 64 years young! I think everyone participating in IBD Live is tech-savvy! I never had good success in the copy and paste of lists. Thank for the” copy to Excel trick” first. Good to hear! LEN is not in Ready List Hi Ed! Perhaps it’s time… Is there an easy way to replace / refresh the ready list in MS the next day? Or do you need to first delete each row one by one? live answered Occasionally Ready List it will not paste into MS when you copy it from the website. If it will not I paste it into notepad or excel then copy it again and it will paste in after that. That’s a great tip, Rick, thank you. It seems that when you copy from a website perhaps you pick up extraneous computer code that MS doesn’t like? How do you replace the previous day list with the new days list? Tom, my suggestion is to create a new list, label it w/ the new date, and after a while, you could delete the older lists. Another suggestion is to highlight all stocks in the current list, delete them, them copy and paste the new list. Can we get Webbie as a special guest? We’d love to have him but his new job doesn’t let him comment publicly on markets, at least so far. Did we go over INMD after earning? Down 2.5% but not big but volume up Hi Kam, while it’s falling harder today, it is not triggering any sell signals, in our view. The recent tests of the 50-day MA, going back to March, have all been positive. The Q2 report was excellent indeed. Nice analysis Dave Cheers, Phil Ed – I can find all others but not Industry Group listing that Justin does on Monday — scroll down//search for “industry group analysis” Mike Webster was excellent on the show, We miss him, still miss him dearly! Great discussion. Thx. Much more useful than I realized. Great! 🙂 Irusha on Marketsmith- “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” Ha ha!! You’re right, Fred! Make a group file and date your ready list for it. Excellent idea Michael the IBD ready list is part of my weekend routine. That’s great Brian hello irusha, are you eating pizza yet? dpz holding up well, so isn’t cmg for that matter, lol. Brian, I wish I were eating pizza and buying DPZ many weeks ago! Did you buy on the breakout? If so, congrats Ali, Select ALL in the list, then hit the trash can. That empties the list and allows you to paste a new one. You da best, Glenn! Thank you guys for all the great info! This was a long-overdue friendly tutorial on how useful these lists can be! Thank you Michael! also keep in mind if you watch IBD Live – you are reviewing these stocks or the best ones regularly so for time sake I don’t look at the watch list as much. Great point! Will DEFINITELY use watchlist more with this copy and past method into MS!!!! THANKS Awesome “Ali, Excellent tutorial, I will begin using it …Thanks ….” Glad Ali led it, Enrique, and nice to hear you’ll be utilizing the lists! Can I have Ali phone no. She is celebrity for us Haha def not a celeb but I’m on twitter – @AlissaCoram Ken, RTX down today your thought? Gap up looked good for a while Tuesday. Surprised to sellers come into the stock and knock it off highs Can i import the ready list into the Thinkorswim platform? Absolutely. That’s what I do. I have my IBD Watch List and import, paste symbols. Great poll question. Those lists are extremely valuable. Thank you! Can you please comment on ENPH On my watchlist, Behdad! Thank you for asking. A handle is forming on the deep cup. 196.12 is a buy point, IMHO. ENPH had such a big move in 2020, so to me the 52% correction within the cup base is actually normal and acceptable. The annual EPS estimates look solid. The inverters are a hot market. Did you see the latest cover of The Economist? More and more people recognize climate change, and Enphase is clearly a climate change play. Cheers, Hatman Dave — EXPD is two days beyond its 52-week High and is now below MA50, Any advice here? Seems like UPS took a toll on EXPD here. Interesting to see if it can find support at 50-day/10-week. Earnings are next week. Thoughts on AMD’s action now? it was negative for a bit and then powering higher live answered AMD live answered Not sure how to ask this question but here goes. Frequently you guys talk about setting an alert in Marketsmith based on a moving average. Is there a way to set an alert that triggers as, say the stock touches the 21 dma as the price moves
up or down thru that average? email [email protected] TDOC showing strong reversal here after big EPS gap down I think TDOC needs a lot of work. Still far below its 200-day line. PINS-thoughts live answered AMD- nice move today Agreed – Nice move, bouncing off 21-day line again. Just below official buy point. Looks like NOW has a classic double bottom .. thoughts? Yes. NOW is now in a buy zone – but earnings tonight. David Ryan must be buying GNRC off the bottom Ha ha, let’s ask him next week Randall nice action in AMD also — coming up to buy point Getting very close. Isn’t there a Fed announcement today – with Powell speaking? Yes. If Fed announces it’s officially started “taper talk” markets could have a negative reaction. I think markets expect no such announcement today given Covid cases/restrictions rising. UPWK is breaking out on my alert Trying to bounce back. Still looks ugly to me – and earnings tomorrow. SHOP has turned around Nice GNRC – Lord Abbett to the rescue? And Columbia, Artisan, Wells Fargo, Federated too? Good one, Blaine! DAVID — AMD . . . building momentum this morning. Absolutely, it looks like a breakout may happen! 95.54 pivot. Hello All! Thank you for very educational IBD live. question please…. many of the stocks that are reviewed as potentially good have poor fundamentals, for example in Bill’s book I believe he recommends at Comp. score of 94+ and EPS of >70
and minimum Growth rate % and ROE, is this because the technicals of the charts far outweigh the fundamentals or other? Thank you Hi Jason, you’re making great points! Unfortunately not all of the stocks featured are going to have the same fundamentals as NVDA and GNRC, and thus their ratings will show. But, 2020 was economic devastation, and they hurt sales and earnings
for the vast majority of firms. So, there’s certainly an element of turnaround factors that an investor has to acknowledge when assessing the stock. What about Fortinet? Still in the Long Term Leaders list! Hi David, no i didn’t buy DPZ, just surprised of its gain over the last few months, also i meant CMG and not SMG, yikes. Ah, it took the entire team off guard. We wondered as the economy reopened, whether people would be doing less takeout pizza. The market has shown us otherwise! Great action by CMG, no doubt too. The power of the brands! Cheers, Brian, thanks much for joining us. Hatman Dave “AMD: Please comment on ShakeOut BreakOuts” live answered AMD very similar action to NVDA post earnings — pulled back, picked up strength and didn’t look back live answered GM Hatman , analysis on CRWD thanks Answered live I have been a real genius. I got stopped out of GNRC at 220 when I bought it at 237 in December 2020and then I recently sold RGEN at 202. Keep trying, friend! We all make mistakes. And we get better when we really study our trades and the charts closely. Don’t give up! Hatman Dave any thoughts on holding NOW, PYPL into earnings? I think we have confidence to hold through the results, as both have Long-Term Leader qualities. Great analysis on GOOGL Chris Hatman agrees Tie Man, How about if you wear a Raiders hat when Irusha is on? 😉 Great suggestion! Ha, now I need to shop for one. But when the Browns play the Raiders, Vegas hat goes off, Cleveland hat goes on! 🙂 David/Irusha , will you add more of SHOP after the fall today ? Answered live Marketsmith Question – Re: GNRC I thought Earnings were after the close, not before the opening. Is there a way that I could have seen that on Marketsmith. I was planning on trimming my position before earnings. 🙁 It’s a really good suggestion. I’ll bring it up to the developer team. Hatman David: ROKU has gone against AMZN and prospered Indeed! GRAZIE TO ALL OF YOU FROM VENICE , ITALY Grazie Luciano!!! GRAZIE, GRAZIE from near Venice, Calif.!

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