Writer’s Platform: Colonel Colon and his League of Fecal Fighters coming soon to succor invent your meals safer

Writer’s Platform: Colonel Colon and his League of Fecal Fighters coming soon to succor invent your meals safer

Over a decade previously, the mom of two consumers who each and every developed acute kidney failure after engrossing E. coli O157:H7-rotten spinach despatched me an surprising present. The outbreak sickened over 205 of us, killing 5, sending a total bunch to the smartly being facility, many with existence-altering complications. The gift used to be a bobble-head that bore a similarity to a younger model on me. On the spoiled it talked about: “Colonel Colon and his League of Fecal Fighters.” It sits on my desk these days. 

I even own always thought of doing one thing with the gift, and with the skill of my wonderful niece, Janae Dueck, and borrowing from the work of the fitting meals of us at the FDA and FSIS, and thought is brewing of a approach to succor educate us all to be Fecal Fighters.

Over the next year we would possibly maybe maybe well be engaged on comedian book, a frosty bright film video about the adventures of these superheroes, and a meals security jingle (attributable to my friend Vincent).

So, let me introduce you to the League.

Colonel Colon (above) is the chief of 4 fecal warring parties: Neat, Separate, Cook and Kick back.  Every is a superhero, but Neat, Separate, Cook and Kick back own weird superpowers.

Here are the first points.


  • Wash your hands and surfaces normally.
  • Germs that boom off meals poisoning can continue to exist in many areas and spread around your kitchen.
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds with cleaning soap and water earlier than, in the guts of, and after preparing meals and earlier than eating.
  • Wash your utensils, reducing boards, and countertops with sizzling, soapy water.
  • Rinse fresh fruits and vegetables under working water.


  • Raw meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs can spread germs to ready-to-utilize meals—until you lend a hand them separate.
  • Employ separate reducing boards and plates for raw meat, poultry, and seafood.
  • When grocery looking out, lend a hand raw meat, poultry, seafood, and their juices a long way from different meals.
  • Defend raw meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs atomize away all different meals in the refrigerator.


  • Meals is safely cooked when the internal temperature gets excessive ample to extinguish germs that can invent you sick. Basically the most challenging plan to repeat if meals is safely cooked is to utilize a meals thermometer. That you just would possibly’t repeat if meals is safely cooked by checking its coloration and texture.
  • Employ a meals thermometer to be particular meals are cooked to a stable internal temperature. Check this chart for a detailed listing of temperatures and meals, including shellfish and precooked ham.
  • Total cuts of purple meat, veal, lamb, and pork, including fresh ham (raw): 145°F (then allow the meat to leisure for 3 minutes earlier than carving or eating)
  • Fish with fins: 145°F or cook till flesh is opaque
  • Ground meats, equivalent to purple meat and pork: 160°F
  • All poultry, including ground hen and turkey: 165°F
  • Leftovers and casseroles: 165°F

Kick back:

  • Micro organism can multiply without notice if left at room temperature or in the “Trouble Zone” between 40°F and 140°F. By no manner leave perishable meals out for bigger than 2 hours (or 1 hour if exposed to temperatures above 90°F).
  • Defend your refrigerator at 40°F or under and know when to throw meals out.
  • Refrigerate perishable meals internal 2 hours. If the meals is exposed to temperatures above 90°F (like a sizzling automobile or picnic), refrigerate it internal 1 hour.
  • Thaw frozen meals safely in the refrigerator, in frosty water, or in the microwave. By no manner thaw meals on the counter on story of bacteria multiply snappy in the sides of the meals that attain room temperature.