This McLaren F1-Inspired Porsche Minivan Will Change Your Mind On Everything | MotorBiscuit

Porsche people are rolling over in their branded, leather-upholstered graves, while the rest of us are thinking, “Porsche has finally done something cool!” Porsche has made a single center-mounted driver seat – plucked straight from a McLaren F1 – electric minivan made for performance family hauling. The Porsche minivan is easily the coolest thing Porsche has ever done. 

Porsche Vision Renndienst | Porsche

What is this Porsche minivan?

There is actually a precedent for this insanely cool concept Porsche minivan. Back in the 1980s, Porsche partnered with VW and actually built a very limited run of racing support vans called the Porsche B32.

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