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No matter how many times we do it, driving in the rain can be stressful, and it can also be dangerous for you, your vehicle, and others sharing the roadways. In heavy rains or poorly irrigated streets, there are some tips and tricks that sound gimmicky but can save your car or your life. While some of these seem more obvious, others are easy to ignore, but if you want to keep your car running and want to stay on the safe side, these are some things to keep in mind next time you need to make a drive-in the rain.

If the road looks too flooded, don’t take it

Vehicles drive along a water-logged road during heavy monsoon rains | PRAKASH SINGH, AFP, Getty Images

It is easy to continue to take the same route every day, but that doesn’t mean that your daily route is the best option in the rain. Depending on where you live and how well the roads and irrigation are maintained, the roads can become overflowed with rainwater, and you can’t always tell by looking at it how deep that water is. While it seems easier to brave the street and assume your car will be OK, it is always better to avoid roads that look just a little too flooded for several reasons. Driving through heavily flooded streets can not only damage your car, but it can also prevent your vehicle’s safety and mechanical systems, such as the brakes, from working properly.

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