Dakota Johnson Promotes Her Company’s New Condoms & Lubricant

Dakota Johnson is currently promoting some sexual wellness products on her Instagram Stories and we have all the details you need to know.

The 31-year-old Fifty Shades of Grey actress is actually the co-creative director of the sexual wellness brand Maude and she’s also an investor in the company.

Dakota took to her social media account this weekend to announce that “we launched something big.. and small.”

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“Sexual wellness is a fundamental human right. Maude’s ethos is something I strongly support, and is symbiotic with my core beliefs surrounding sexual health. Furthermore, the caliber and aesthetic of these products is excellent and elevated, and I love them. I am truly delighted to come on board as Co Creative Director and an investor, hoping to weave sustainability and awareness/education based initiatives into the fabric of the company, while delivering beautiful and quality sexual wellness products, accessible to all humans,” Dakota said on Instagram back in November.

The two new products are the “Shine” lubricant and the “Rise” condoms.

Maude new products

The lubricant is made with moisturizing aloe, is 100% natural lubricant, organic and ultra-hydrating. The gentle pH-balanced formula is free from glycerin and parabens and manufactured to the ideal osmolality for the body. It can be used with devices and condoms.

You can buy a 2oz bottle for $10, a 4oz bottle for $18, or an 8oz bottle for $25. Get the product on GetMaude.com.

Maude new products

Made at one of the best condom manufacturers in the world, the ultra-thin condoms are made without harmful chemicals, do not contain spermicide and are fragrance-free. Electronically triple tested for safety, they’re FDA-approved, made from 100% natural latex and feature easy-to-open buttercup packaging. (No more ripping wrappers or guessing which way is up).

You can buy a pack of 10 condoms for $12 in either regular size or plus-size.

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