10 startups and technology companies that are changing the logistics and last mile market in Mexico

The Mexican Association of Online Sales AMVO, in 2020 online sales grew by 81%, catapulting many of the companies focused on the last mile to success.

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Mexico has seen e-commerce transform in the last year, attracting attention from all corners of the world. According to figures from the Mexican Association of Online Sales AMVO, in 2020 online sales grew by 81%, catapulting many of the companies focused on the last mile to success.

These are 10 outstanding companies that have revolutionized the logistics and last-mile sector in Mexico, promoting innovative strategies for change and showing that there is still much room to grow and improve:

This Mexican company revolutionized the use of strategic spaces and put on the Mexican table the theme of Dark Stores, which are physical spaces designed for online sales, without direct attention to the public and that are generally found in places of high demand. Today Cargamos has 10,000 of its own delivery people who mainly serve the needs of warehouses for retail products.

Originally created in Chile, this company revolutionized the concept of shopping in large supermarket chains. Its internationalization process and recent purchase by the mobility giant, UBER, classify it as one of the most important logistics companies with the best future in recent times. In Mexico they offer deliveries from large supermarket chains in addition to categories such as pet stores, music, electronics among a varied list.

This Russian company came to revolutionize the concept of express courier in the world. It is already in 11 countries and its entry into Mexican commerce was felt after positioning its proposal for deliveries in 60 minutes in addition to programmable orders. In 2020, they reported growth in Mexico City that fluctuated between 350% during low-demand hours and 450% during high-demand hours.

This Mexican company was born to serve instant messaging safely and quickly. Today it has a 90-minute delivery service for Mexico City and Guadalajara, where multiple delivery points can be managed on the same route. Their couriers are verified to collect documents in a professional manner, empowering them to generate proof of delivery and signatures as a means of support. Their services have fixed rates, something that stands out in instant messaging due to the high fluctuation of dynamic rates.

Ricardo Weder, the founder of the Mexican company Jüsto, created the digital platform in order to be the first 100% online supermarket. Today, after completing an investment round for 12 million dollars, it is positioned as one of the references when it comes to talking about digital transformation around an area that has historically been linked to the face-to-face service of its clients.

This Mexican company was born to remotely and digitally unite the requirements of people and companies that need transportation solutions. From moving and freight to grocery shopping, users are guaranteed to hire validated shipping companies and deliver fair profits to shipping partners. In addition, using their services supports local businesses with their fast deliveries.

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This company of Argentine origin began its expansion process just before the arrival of Covid-19 in Mexico, attracted by the figures in projections for the growth of electronic commerce. His proposal goes hand in hand with generating sustainable logistics that is compatible with the environment. Despite being in a market where speed is essential, Moova pushes ecological awareness with its logistics management platform, contacting users who require a courier service.

Born in Colombia, this company offers in Mexico the same remedy that it delivered in Bogotá: Use a coordinated network of motorcycles to get around the dense traffic and reduce shipping times for the growing demand of the e-commerce sector. Mexico City is known for being one of the cities with the highest traffic congestion in the world, so Mensajeros Urbanos landed to feel at home and generate the greatest possible social impact.

As its name implies, this company was born to manage fast shipments in Colombia. Its expansion throughout the region found in Mexico a market that received its platform and the main insertion of the gastronomic sector in a good way. In addition to specialized delivery of orders in restaurants and supermarkets, Rappi went so far as to shake up the market with its promise of 10-minute delivery to your doorstep of a catalog of 1,000 different products.

The Chilean logistics intelligence platform that arrived in Mexico after its expansion process in Latin America, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Born in the city of Santiago to help fire emergency vehicles reach their destination faster and more efficiently, its mission has been sustained over time and expanded with the promise of democratizing smart logistics. Through our platform, they generate efficiency in the shipping routes for each client, saving up to 34.21% of the total kilometers traveled and about 80% of the time used to generate each route. They work together with multinational companies in Mexico in the same way as with small neighborhood businesses.

10 startups and technology companies that are changing the logistics and last mile market in Mexico

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