A Brief Buying Guide for LED Strip Lights


LED strip lights are becoming increasingly popular in residential lighting. LEDs are more efficient, brighter, longer-lasting, create less heat, are easily controlled and programmed. LEDs come in small, shock-resistant units that may be utilized in several ways. Strip lighting is becoming a popular and cost-effective alternative. There are numerous factors to consider to ensure you obtain the perfect light for your needs.

Types of LED Strip Light

  • Flex Strips with DC LEDs – Flexible strip lights powered by 12VDC with an adhesive backing
  • AC LED Flex Strips – Flexible strip lights that run directly from an outlet
  • LED Rope Light – Standard rope light package with encased, omnidirectional LEDs
  • High-Output LED Strips – LEDs attached on rigid strips with on-board drivers and circuits

Things to consider

  • Length For greater output and better light quality, search for LED strip lights with the most LEDs per foot.
  • Strip BrightnessLED strips are becoming brighter as LED technology advances. Accent lighting on a shelf is one example.
  • Strip Colors – LED strip lights to come in single and multi-color options (RGB).
  • Color TemperatureColor temperature distinguishes the various white LED hues. Cool hues are represented by higher temperatures and warmer colors by lower temperatures.
  • Strip WattageLEDSupply’s strips are plug-in, 12 V or 24V DC powered. Ensure the power source is at least 10% more powerful than the LED strips.

Best Strip Lights

  • Jadisi  Music Sync Color Changing 5050 RGB Led Light Strips Kit

Choose from 16 million colors through the app.  Lights change color to the beat of the music and the built-in sensitivity adjustable microphone. Light strips may be trimmed every 3 LEDs following the markings to modify the length. You can only use it indoors.

Regular Price: $21.99

Deal Price: $14.29

Code: O9LTY6DW

A Brief Buying Guide for LED Strip Lights

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  • Jadisi Music Sync Color Changing 65.6ft Led Strip Lights

The Jadisi RGB Led Strip Lights 65.6ft may be controlled by an infrared remote, controller, or smartphone APP. They may be dimmed to suit different environments. If required, the lights can be cut and connected with additional light strips to get the appropriate length.

Regular price: $23.99

Deal price: $16.79


A Brief Buying Guide for LED Strip Lights

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If you know what to look for, purchasing LED strip lights does not have to be a tough task. When purchasing LED strips, make sure you understand your application and space constraints, as well as your installation, power requirements, and color options.

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