AEW Rampage Results: Winners, Grades, Response and Highlights from September 16

AEW Rampage Results: Winners, Grades, Response and Highlights from September 16

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    The Rampage card (Credit rating: AEW)

    Welcome to Bleacher Anecdote’s protection and recap of AEW Rampage on September 16.

    Most of the suits from Friday’s exhibit had been put of abode up in the course of Wednesday’s Dynamite, largely through backstage segments.

    Ethan Page of The Company wants other folks to raise this industry severely, and he picked Danhausen as his first target in this recent quest.

    We also noticed Matt Hardy battle Darby Allin, Willow Nightingale raise on Penelope Ford, and Samoa Joe put the ROH TV title on the road in opposition to the mature ROH pure champion, Josh Woods.

    Let’s leer at what went down in the course of Friday’s exhibit.

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    Matt Hardy and Darby Allin (Credit rating: AEW)

    Hardy and Allin had been each in the ring because the episode started. They shook palms to exhibit recognize earlier than locking up for the first time in this bout. They started off sluggish with some easy holds, counters and takedowns.

    Allin had the upper hand after sending Hardy into the steel steps, but his favor to raise dangers bit him in the butt when he uncared for hitting Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb on the apron and crashed to the bottom.

    The 47-year-broken-down customary is composed in a position to having an true match, but a protracted time in the industry and some injuries own forced him to adjust his kind pretty lots. That is fragment of what makes it so impressive that he can composed pause the issues he can pause at this stage in his occupation.

    He and Allin worked neatly together, but Allin was the one who ended up along with his hand raised after utilizing Final Supper to derive the pin. After he left, Hardy was attacked by Brody King, who then proceeded to call out Allin and Sting.

    They did attain out on the stage and accredited a subject for a mark match at Big Slam. King composed choked Hardy out anyway. The match had some barriers but total, this was a tight manner to initiating the exhibit.

    Winner: Darby Allin

    Grade: C+

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • The device Hardy hit the steel steps when Allin pushed him regarded depraved. 
  • Hardy being in a neighborhood to hit a moonsault at his age after every part his physique has been through is a heroic feat. 
  • The House of Dark can composed work without Malakai Dark. Positioning Julia because the brains of the operation is a desirable transfer. 

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    Penelope Ford and Willow Nightingale (Credit rating: AEW)

    After a promo from Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta and Chris Jericho, Willow and Ford came to the ring for the 2nd match of the night time.

    Whereas Willow’s energy profit gave her an edge early on, Ford was in a neighborhood to flip issues around and preserve management in the course of many of the commercial ruin.

    Ford customary her saunter and agility to fight Nightingale’s energy, but something treasure a pounce from somebody treasure Willow is going to disappear a lasting affect.

    The Superbad Girl was in a neighborhood to accurate the submission grab. This bout was given a tight duration of time, but diverse it was throughout the ruin. Image-in-image helps, nonetheless it be no longer pretty as loyal as seeing the match elephantine-show camouflage. This was a fun day out, but if Tony Khan is taking note of the gang, he must composed give Nightingale a push quickly.

    Winner: Penelope Ford

    Grade: C+

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • The double knee Ford hit on the apron regarded noteworthy. Willow bought is neatly, too. 
  • Ford bridging serve to steer clear of a clothesline earlier than hitting a cutter was an ideal express. 
  • Ford’s finisher is cool, but most frequently it takes pretty of too long to notice. 

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    Ethan Page and Danhausen (Credit rating: AEW)

    Danhausen mocked Page’s smile earlier than they actually obtained the match started. All Ego took the painted wrestler down and beat him into the mat correct away.

    Danhausen gave him a defiant slap, but that correct angered his a lot bigger opponent. Page hit his finisher for a transient grab. This was a squash, but in response to how AEW is utilizing each guys, it extra or less worked.

    Winner: Ethan Page

    Grade: C

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • Danhausen’s personality must composed no longer work on TV along with it does. It be noteworthy how he has taken what must composed be a gap indie gimmick and turned it into something other folks in actuality care for.
  • Jericho rooting for Danhausen on narrative of he was jumpy of being cursed was hilarious. 

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    Samoa Joe and Josh Woods (Credit rating: AEW)

    After the fashioned pre-match interview with Tag Henry, Joe and Woods made their manner to the ring for the important thing occasion. The ROH TV title was on the road.

    They locked up and it was an aggressive battle from the moment they laid their palms on every diversified. Woods was out to impart a degree, but Joe was out to preserve up his title. Each and each males regarded fired up and motivated to create this a aggressive battle.

    Each and each of these guys are loyal at diverse diversified issues, so there was minute doubt that this would stop up stealing the exhibit. They lived as a lot as that expectation with a match that would own been the finest of the week with one other 5 minutes.

    The Samoan Submission Machine ended up winning by pinfall when he hit the Muscle Buster to claim victory and preserve his belt. Tony Nese attacked him as soon as the bout was over. Woods fleet joined in, but Wardlow came out to position a cease to their attack. Joe was in a neighborhood to preserve up Tag Sterling in the ring, but Nese saved him earlier than The Wardaddy might perchance furthermore powerbomb him.

    Winner: Samoa Joe

    Grade: B+

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • Subsequent week’s Rampage shall be a diversified two-hour version. If this does neatly, it can perchance perchance no longer be honest if Khan makes the exhibit two hours a week one day. 
  • Woods has extra or less a diversified leer. The shorts, lack of kneepads and reveals create him stand out only enough from most diversified wrestlers. On the other hand, the shortcoming of kneepads might maybe be something he regrets in future years. 
  • The swinging knee to the head that Woods hit to almost grab the match was a nice transfer and surely one who would be no longer easy to pull off for any one with an opponent the dimension of Joe.