Alabama followers are accusing a ref of cheering for a Tennessee touchdown

Alabama followers are accusing a ref of cheering for a Tennessee touchdown

Of us, the world is ending.

Alabama lost a soccer game to the College of Tennessee on Saturday. Irrespective of Tennessee throwing the ball all the device throughout the discipline (WR Jalin Hyatt had FIVE touchdowns), penalties persevered to be the predominant offender for the Tide. Seventeen (17!) Alabama penalties occurred on Saturday, the third time the Crimson Tide went over 10 penalties in a game this season.

No longer lengthy after the game, Alabama followers created their very have principle in regards to the final result of the game.

Inquire of I’m no knowledgeable on the human body and psychological responses, but if some Alabama fan desires to hypothesize I’m now not stopping them.

Right here’s incredibly hilarious behavior from a fanbase that for beautiful grand my total conscious existence has been very proper at the sport we name college soccer. I’ve been made aware that Alabama followers will be unsuitable after they the truth is consistently lose, but if right here’s something else we procure within the conceivable future, I don’t want it at all.

I will’t wrap my head all the device throughout the premise of an Alabama fan sitting there, watching the replay after the game and consciously thinking, “YES! THE REFS ARE AT FAULT!” In level of reality, yeah I will for dawdle survey that occuring.

Be aware how I haven’t viewed a the truth is noxious Alabama personnel in my existence? Successfully interestingly these existed, and sad primitive Invoice Curry changed into on the receiving conclude of their wrath. In 1988, Curry changed into the coach who unfortunately lost to Ole Leave out 22-12. This resulted in a BRICK being thrown through his office window. When Bama followers lose, generally this form of thing occurs.

I for one am now not indignant for the intersection of deep net ref theories and Alabama, and I don’t mediate most folk are ready for it either.