Charles Oliveira: Islam Makhachev is skipping the freeway at lightweight

Charles Oliveira: Islam Makhachev is skipping the freeway at lightweight

Charles Oliveira is aware of that he has his hands full on Saturday evening in Abu Dhabi nonetheless he says he can’t lend a hand nonetheless in actuality feel Islam Makhachev has skipped the queue of 155-pound contenders.

Oliveira and Makhachev, householders of the two longest successful streaks in the UFC lightweight division, will enact battle in this weekend’s UFC 280 well-known occasion to determine a brand unique champion in the division after Oliveira used to be stripped of the belt after weighing marginally heavy on the scales sooner than a scheduled title defence against Justin Gaethje earlier this year — nonetheless to this point as the Brazilian is nervous, it is a ways Makhachev’s association with Khabib Nurmagomedov that has got him to this 2nd, and notes that the Russian fighter has no longer had to face come the same calibre of competition as he at some stage in his most current urge.

“I assume Islam deserves your entire appreciate on the planet,” Oliveira stated by his translator at the UFC 280 media day in Abu Dhabi. “However I assume he could presumably well simply gathered’ve fought any individual perchance in the tip-5 care for I did, no longer shiny surf on any individual else’s wave and skip the freeway care for he did.

“If it used to be any totally different man, he would maintain to stroll the stroll that I had to stroll, knocking on contributors’s doorways, seeking to fetch to a top five. The motive this battle goes on is thanks to [Khabib], that’s the right [truth].”

A peep at their records backs up Oliveira’s assertion. His most current wins maintain attain against a assassin’s row of contenders care for Gaethje, Dustin Poirier, Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson while Makhachev’s tell critical opponents, nonetheless perchance athletes no longer fairly on the same level.

“I’m ready,” Oliveira added. “I assume somebody wants to agree with and want whatever is barely for them. If we trip the total way down to the ground, he’s going by the most attention-grabbing finisher in the history of the UFC. If he wants to arise, we’re gonna arise. I’ll shock the realm but all over again. I assume they’re shiny talking fairly tons of crap and at any time after we shut that gate and we’re at some stage in the octagon they fetch to glance who’s the right champion.

“The lightweight champion is Charles Oliveira. I’m the venture for this division.”