Which Week 1 losers must we panic about? Undoubtedly Cowboys, but who else?

Which Week 1 losers must we panic about? Undoubtedly Cowboys, but who else?

The 2021 Inexperienced Bay Packers lost 38-3 in Week 1. They ended up as the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

Final season’s Tennessee Titans lost 38-13, at home, in the opener. They were the AFC’s No. 1 seed.

Clearly, a fallacious Week 1 loss will not be a death sentence in the NFL. On the other hand, quite so a lot of groups that lose Week 1 are letting us know they’re in for a dim season.

How haunted must we be about every Week 1 loser? While not giving in to the overreaction after the essential game, let’s fetch a life like appreciate on the panic index for every 0-1 team on a scale from “not afflicted the least bit” to “2022 Dallas Cowboys.”

Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys had a rough Week 1. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys had a rough Week 1. (Describe by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

We already knew they’d be fallacious: Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets

Now not be pleased we’re freaking out when groups we belief were vying for high-10 picks were fallacious in Week 1. Despite the proven fact that especially in the Jets’ case … this season could maybe well get basically fallacious.

Presumably some misplaced hype: Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars

Every of these groups spent some time this offseason getting hyped up as a possible breakout. Some chilly water used to be poured on every of them. The Lions are potentially the team to effort about least, because there will not be moderately quite so a lot of shame in shedding to the Eagles. Giving up 38 aspects wasn’t perfect though. These groups must be OK, but Sunday used to be a reminder that the offseason is prolonged, and we talk ourselves into breakouts when we potentially must know better. They must all be reasonably competitive, but fair appropriate decrease expectations.

No worries but: Los Angeles Rams, Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders and in particular the Rams lost to fair appropriate groups. The Rams were blown out and whenever you happen to would be pleased to get nervous at how uncompetitive they were against the Buffalo Payments, it’s fair. I’m going to discover for this week’s Rams-Falcons game. If the Rams appreciate fallacious in that one, then yeah, sound the alarms.

Appropriate a turnover-fueled anomaly: Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos

The Bengals were minus-5 in turnover differential and unruffled took the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers to beyond regular time, and uncared for a 29-yard field aim strive to interact it. The Broncos fumbled twice on the aim line and lost by one to the Seattle Seahawks. No must effort right here. Despite the proven fact that, I cannot blame you for being a contact fervent about Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett’s decision making.

With these groups out of the capability, let’s fetch a more in-depth appreciate at these closing six Week 1 losers:

R-E-L-A-X: Inexperienced Bay Packers

Now we have performed this sooner than with the Packers. This season there could be the added layer of no Davante Adams, but a Week 1 loss to the Minnesota Vikings will not be that fallacious. It fair appropriate regarded gruesome. Let’s capture Inexperienced Bay will leap support, even when their ceiling is decrease this season without Adams.

Horror meter: Calmer than you are

It used to be fair appropriate the rain … per chance: San Francisco 49ers

In uncover for you responsible a loopy downpour for the 49ers’ 19-10 loss to the Chicago Bears, I’m going to enable it. It used to be traumatic to feature. However the Bears performed in the identical monsoon and won. The terror referring to the 49ers is their fresh QB, Trey Lance, who did not play successfully. Used to be that the rain or a signal that he isn’t ready? I unruffled fetch Lance shall be fair appropriate, but it needs to acknowledge so a lot better in the sunshine this week.

Horror meter: No motive to be terrified, not decrease than until Lance’s first incompletion Sunday

If you happen to can not beat the Giants at home … : Tennessee Titans

Nothing basically regarded fair appropriate for the Titans. Now we have gotten to carry into anecdote that no-one would have cared in the occasion that they hit a field aim to end the game, but a 21-20 loss to the New York Giants unruffled would not appreciate enormous. They were fallacious in Week 1 closing season too and Mike Vrabel is a first rate coach so not all is lost, but it’s traumatic to get fervent on what’s on the roster. Sunday’s loss showed they’re fair appropriate mediocre.

Horror meter: Let’s not initiate up the Malik Willis QB controversy but, though per chance in a few weeks

Successfully, it used to be vs. the Chiefs: Arizona Cardinals

Lets appreciate support and place the Cardinals in that “They fair appropriate bought steamrolled by a enormous team” bin be pleased we’re doing with the Rams. But that 44-21 loss to the Chiefs used to be even uglier than the fetch signifies. The Cardinals protection used to be terrible and the offense did nothing. I would be afflicted, especially for a team that notoriously has collapsed in the 2nd halves of seasons.

Horror meter: Presumably decrease than every week from our first “Is Kliff Kingsbury in ache?” headline

Preseason can also topic: New England Patriots

When every single myth in August says the Patriots’ offense is a big quantity, per chance there could be validity to that. A preseason finale wherein the Patriots’ starting up offense used to be shut down by the Raiders’ backups flowed true into the frequent season, when they scored seven aspects in a loss to the Dolphins. Now Mac Jones has a support negate to effort about. Presumably Bill Belichick figures all this out, but it’s vivid fallacious true now.

Horror meter: Would not manufacture any postseason plans

Oh, no: Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott instantaneous us to not panic. Jerry Jones said Prescott could maybe well return sooner than first belief. We tried to place out a case for the Cowboys staying relevant thru the Prescott damage. But it completely’s not fair appropriate the damage. Or not it’s how fallacious Dallas regarded in that loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sooner than the damage. After which it is the Prescott damage. And various accidents. This could get fantastically gruesome in a whisk.

Horror meter: Stay silent! All is successfully! ALL IS WELL!