10 Tech Phrases You’re Saying Horrible (And Easy  Suppose Them Precisely)

10 Tech Phrases You’re Saying Horrible (And Easy Suppose Them Precisely)


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On on the unusual time and age most other individuals fragment silly memes and GIFs with guests and family, however how on the entire does any individual impart “JIF” or “me-me” out loud when relating to 1? If that’s you, you’re pronouncing it unsuitable.

Tech phrases, brands, and merchandise on the entire procure weird and wonderful names or phrases. As an instance, while you happen to clear the cache to your computer, set you utter it as “money-ay” or “money”? Handiest a form of is ethical. With that in mind, right here are ten well-liked tech phrases or imprint names you’re pronouncing unsuitable and simple claim them actual.


The observe Cache is on the entire veteran by manner of computer programs and technology. The cache is a particular storage house for transient files that makes a gadget, browser, or app dawdle sooner and more successfully.

You are going to procure cache reminiscence and web cache, and it’s on the entire one in all the first concepts to repair a issue alongside side your phone or computer. Someone may perhaps maybe perhaps relate you to “clear your cache and cookies.” Don’t eat the cookies. Decided them.

  • Smartly-liked Mispronunciation: “kay-shay” or “money-ay”
  • Merely Pronunciation: “money”


Jif and Gif Special Edition Peanut Butter Bottle

Okay, okay, before we procure too sooner than ourselves, let’s procure the controversial “GIF” out of the manner. But first, right here’s a exiguous bit backstory. A GIF is a file structure for though-provoking images, and still, to on the unusual time, the accumulate can’t appear to mediate the actual manner to utter it.

Some will impart Steve Wilhite, the creator of the GIF structure, once acknowledged, “choosy developers steal JIF,” suggesting that’s the ethical pronunciation. But GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Structure,” and the observe “graphics” is pronounced with a exhausting g, and that’s why the debate will not in any respect die.

Affirm it with me—grass, backyard, gamble, gimbal, GIF.

  • Smartly-liked Mispronunciation:  Jif
  • Merely Pronunciation:  GIF “g-if”


Any die-exhausting techy will likely know all in regards to the Linux OS, and a preferred model of Linux OS is Ubuntu. Actually, it runs on computer programs, capsules, and smartphones. And while this one may perhaps maybe perhaps not be moreover-liked as GIF or Cache, many individuals still utter it unsuitable.

  • Smartly-liked Mispronunciation: “you-bun-too” or “oo-bun-too”
  • Merely Pronunciation: “oo-boon-too”

Qi Charging

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You doubtlessly procure a Qi wi-fi charger to your automobile, at your desk, or on the nightstand by the mattress. Wi-fi charging is a ideally suited technology that enables many objects and smartphones to recharge wirelessly without messing with cables and plugging the rest in.

The ethical name for traditional wi-fi charging is Qi wi-fi charging, and Qi is a world well-liked for the technology.

  • Smartly-liked Mispronunciation: Literally pronouncing the letters “Q i” charging
  • Merely Pronunciation: “Chee”


Now that you simply admire easy claim “Ubuntu,” we must still doubtlessly focus on about “sudo” subsequent. Sudo is a program for Linux/Unix working programs that enables customers to dawdle programs with the safety privileges of one other person or with elevated permissions. Equal to being an administrator on Home windows.

“Sudo” is rapid for “superuser set.” I’ll admit it. I’m one in all the many of us that has pronounced this unsuitable, even supposing the decent web site for Sudo says I’m actual.

  • Smartly-liked Mispronunciation: “sue-doe” or “pseudo”
  • Merely Pronunciation:  “sue-doo” or “soo-doo”


The IKEA logo over the DIRIGERA smart home hub.

Whereas IKEA isn’t primarily a tech time duration, the firm is doing a lot with tech within the intervening time, and it even sells a desk with Qi wi-fi charging constructed actual in. Plus, IKEA is an everyday name I hear pronounced unsuitable continuously.

Alongside with confusion to the already refined name, the decent IKEA Instagram once posted an fallacious pronunciation, and we’ve not in any respect received past that.

“IKEA” is an acronym for the founder’s name, the name of his family farm, and the accumulate web site of that farm in a village in Sweden. Ingvar Okayamprad named his farm Elmtaryd, and it’s positioned within the village of Agunnaryd, in Sweden. In response to an interview with Quartz, “When Ingvar founded IKEA in 1943, he pronounced it with an everyday Swedish accent, and that’s the ethical manner.

  • Smartly-liked Mispronunciation:  “aye-kee-yah” or “eye-key-ah”
  • Merely Pronunciation:  “Eee-KEH-Yah”


Xiaomi is a Chinese firm that makes smartphones, clear dwelling devices, offers web companies, and more. Xiaomi is the sphere’s 4th largest smartphone maker within the aid of Samsung, Apple, and Huawei.

It’s a enormous imprint. Hugo Barra, the vice-president of Android product administration at Google, left the search giant in 2013 and joined Xiaomi, even supposing he stepped down in 2017. And while the firm doesn’t provide quite lots of devices stateside, it’s well-liked ample that many individuals know the emblem however still utter it unsuitable.

  • Smartly-liked Mispronunciation:  “zi-o-mi” or “zi-ao-mi”
  • Merely Pronunciation: “sha-o-mee” or “shau-mee”


GIF Meme

Memes are jokes. They’re those images with white or black text on the tip and bottom, on the entire pronouncing one thing silly, plastered on social media and to your message threads day-to-day. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, loves memes.

Oddly ample, I’ve heard many individuals mispronounce meme, which blows my mind. The subsequent time you send any individual a silly meme, presumably relate them easy claim it actual.

  • Smartly-liked Mispronunciation: “mem” or “me-me”
  • Merely Pronunciation: “meem”


But every other enormous imprint within the computing world is ASUS, but no person looks to know exactly easy claim its name. ASUS is in general the 4th largest PC seller, makes ideally suited motherboards, and has a rather exhausting name to utter.

  • Smartly-liked Mispronunciation: “ah-seu-ss” “ace-us”
  • Merely Pronunciation: “ay-soos”



Huawei is one in all the sphere’s most traditional telecom instruments manufacturers. And even after a ban from the United States, it’s still the third largest smartphone maker by volume. Huawei makes a exiguous bit of every thing, however other individuals at some stage within the plight still mispronounce its name.

Ahead of the Chinese firm experienced all its U.S. troubles (which is a myth for one other day), the firm took to the streets of New York Metropolis to strive to encourage everyone impart its name precisely. All you may perhaps well need to know is that it doesn’t open with “H,” not even a exiguous bit bit.

  • Smartly-liked Mispronunciation:  “hua-manner”
  • Merely Pronunciation:  “wah-manner”

Don’t feel injurious when you were pronouncing a bunch of those unsuitable. It happens to the supreme of us. Even Sudo offers quite lots of pronunciations on its decent web site, which handiest provides to the confusion, and in pronounce that they’re not the handiest ones.

The accumulate collective will likely not in any respect agree on easy claim GIF, and that’s pleasing. Meanwhile, impart these tech phrases and imprint the actual manner, and relate your guests too.

The more you admire, actual?