Don’t Set up apart Your TV Over Your Fire

Don’t Set up apart Your TV Over Your Fire

A crossed-out TV hanging over a fireplace.
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Confronted with a small residing room, I made up my strategies to mount our family TV over the fireplace about a years within the past. It saved hundreds residing, but I deeply feel sorry about it. Here’s why. (Don’t construct the same mistake I did!)

You’ll Waste Your Neck

Ahead of mounting our 70-lumber TV residing on the wall, it sat on a noteworthy TV stand that took up a factual fragment of likely sitting residing within the room. We wished to free that up. I had a heavy-responsibility TV mount I had purchased a long time earlier than and never extinct, and there became masses of free residing above the fireplace, so I put two and two collectively, and the next thing I knew, we had a monster TV mounted above the fireplace.

Within the beginning, it looked in actuality cold to grasp the TV up there, but my family quickly realized that in repeat to ascertain up on the TV residing comfortably, that you just would be capable to need very restricted seating alternate strategies. Anyone inevitably ends up lying down on the sofa going by the TV, taking up seating residing for assorted folk, and as soon as the numerous two chairs are occupied, somebody consistently ends up sitting or lying on the floor.

A man with neck strain.

Then there’s the neck express. If you sit too shut to the TV, it’s nearly now not doable to crane your neck as a lot as comfortably test up on the TV. If you strive it, your neck will originate hurting in about 5 minutes. From any assorted level within the room (assorted than lying down on the sofa), you proceed to grasp to tilt your head relieve to ascertain up on the TV successfully, and your neck will originate hurting in about 10-20 minutes.

It appears that producers advocate mounting the middle of a TV residing at about peek stage from the place you’ll be sitting, and now I’m able to ascertain up on why. Something else is a recipe for inappropriate neck strain.

You’ll Sacrifice Viewing Angle

Every TV residing has to take into accounta good viewing angle both horizontally and vertically that depends on what form of present it uses. Which manner in case you’re taking a peek on the veil from outside the viewing angle, the portray on the TV veil could be darker, blurrier, or discolored. Mounting a TV residing up high above a fireplace could maybe residing your line-of-light out of the correct viewing angle unless you tilt the TV downward with a obvious mount.

You’ll Fight With Wires and Cables

One other express with mounting a TV over your fireplace is cable administration. If you don’t grasp any manner to veil the cables dangling from your TV residing, you’ll turn out with a immense eyesore striking from the wall above your fireplace.

In my case, I’m lucky because our residing room has built-in shelves beside the fireplace that flee floor-to-ceiling, and it offers a factual opportunity to veil cables, community boxes, and game consoles within the shelves due to some strategically-drilled holes. But routing energy cables within the relieve of books isn’t ideal, and it will maybe additionally even be a fireplace hazard (warmth, electrical energy, and paper don’t combine). I’m planning on changing this quickly.

You’ll Doubtless Anguish the TV Set up

We fancy to burn wood within the fireplace within the winter for a country, mature-long-established feel. In our case, now we grasp got a mantle above the fireplace and handsome under the TV residing that could block about a of the rising warmth coming from the front opening of the fireplace—and masses of the warmth goes out the chimney. But after we fetch a roaring fire going, the fireplace brick will get barely hot and radiates warmth ferociously. That’s doubtlessly now not immense for the longevity of the TV residing.

What You Would possibly maybe well tranquil Attain In its place

Now that you just’ve seen the detrimental aspects of mounting a TV above your fireplace, what could additionally tranquil you attain as a replacement?

If that you just would be capable to need to mount the TV on a wall, place it at a decrease top that corresponds with the place most folk could be standing or sitting as soon as they look it. The head of the middle of the TV residing need to be roughly peek-stage with many of the viewers. Which manner don’t put it up high if all individuals could be sitting down whereas they look, and relieve the TV residing a long way flung from the ceiling.

Otherwise that you just would be capable to relieve your TV sitting on a allotment of furnishings. It’s now not ideal, and it takes up plan more residing, but your neck will thank you for it. Correct success!