‘Dune: Home Harkonnen’ silly brings merit fan-popular floating fiend

‘Dune: Home Harkonnen’ silly brings merit fan-popular floating fiend

Dune: House Harkonnen

Dune: Home Harkonnen
(Image credit score: Increase! Studios)

That villainous floating fiend from Giedi Top, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, has snaked his reach into Increase! Studios’ current 12-field sci-fi silly sequence titled “Dune: Home Harkonnen.” 

This most up-to-date foray into the universe of Frank Herbert’s usual “Dune” novels and subsequent tie-in sequels and prequels by Brian Herbert (Herbert’s son) and Kevin J. Anderson vastly expands “Dune’s” dense mythology which continues to evolve fifty-seven years after the iconic book’s newsletter.

Adapted from Herbert and Anderson’s 2000 novel of the the same name, here’s the predominant time the New York Times-bestselling prequel will appear in silly book create and now we secure got a sneak seek for at its evocative covers and interior art work for the premiere field coming in January.  Joining the authors on this inventive mission, field sooner than the events of Herbert’s 1965 masterpiece, are artist Michael Shelfer (Domino), colorist Patricio Delpeche, and letterer Ed Dukeshire.

Associated: Waft merit to Arrakis in ‘Dune: The Graphic Novel, Book 2: Muad’ Dib’ (current)

Increase!’s most up-to-date “Dune” restricted sequence follows four outdated releases correct during the final two years: “Dune: Home Atreides,” “Dune: Blood of the Sardaukar,” “Dune: A Sigh of Caladan Seas,” and “Dune: The Waters of Kanly.”

“Speaking for the Frank Herbert family, I am extraordinarily entirely pleased in order to create beautifully-illustrated silly editions of “Dune: Home Harkonnen” for “Dune” fans,” Herbert acknowledged in Increase!’s decent press birth. “Here’s the 2nd novel I wrote with Kevin, and the present sequence birth brings to my mind the pleasure of our national book excursions around the turn of the millennium, and the good receptions we obtained from fans.” 

Cover art for

Duvet art for “Dune: Home Harkonnen” #1. (Image credit score: Increase! Studios)

“Our like enthusiasm for Frank Herbert’s improbable “Dune” sequence has by no reach waned, and our spirits are continuously buoyed by the improbable increase we proceed to get dangle of from readers. We hope you experience the present sequence as noteworthy as now we secure enjoyed writing the reports,” Herbert added.

Several panels from

Several panels from “Dune: Home Harkonnen” #1. (Image credit score: Increase! Studios)

The storyline delves into the early years of pivotal characters cherish Gurney Halleck, Lady Jessica, and Liet Kynes while examining ways their destinies had been solid by the savage treachery of the infamous Home Harkonnen.

It also facilities around the complex choices Duke Leto Atreides need to confront in his clashes with Baron Harkonnen because the despot’s insatiable need for vitality threatens Home Atreides, the Bene Gesserit, and the Emperor.

“Home Harkonnen” is one among my favorites of the general ‘Dune’ novels Brian and I secure written — darkish and emotionally extremely effective, with about a of potentially the most spectacular scenes in the prolonged history field in Frank Herbert’s universe … and they correct cried out to be accomplished visually,” added Anderson. “I am so excited that Increase! is continuous our ‘Prelude to Dune’ trilogy in silly create.”

Variant cover art for

Variant duvet art for “Dune: Home Harkonnen” #1. (Image credit score: Increase! Studios)

Increase!’s “Dune: Home Harkonnen #1” enters our draw in January 2023 with duvet art from artist Raymond Swanland (“Magic: The Gathering”) and appealing variant covers by Reiko Murakami (“The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Nation”), Stephanie Hans (“Home of Slaughter”), and Jeremy Bastian (“Cursed Pirate Lady”).

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