Solo Range Fire Pit 2.0 Review: A Removable Ash Pan Makes Cleaning A lot Simpler

Solo Range Fire Pit 2.0 Review: A Removable Ash Pan Makes Cleaning A lot Simpler


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Ticket: $229.99+

Solo Stove Fire Pit 2.0 fully assembled and placed on a stand
Justin Duino / LifeSavvy

Solo Range’s licensed smokeless fire pits are incredibly unique, and the firm staunch made its 2.0 model even better. Now, in its set of having to flip over the 20-pound stainless metal basin to empty it out, there’s a removable ash pan that catches nearly every little thing. It’s certainly awesome.

Here’s What We Take care of

  • Simpler to dapper
  • Huge for areas of all sizes
  • Own a “smokeless” fire burning inside minutes

And What We Don’t

  • Accessories will hasty raise the rate
  • Heavy

I enjoy spent the closing several weeks checking out the Bonfire 2.0, Solo Range’s medium-sized smokeless fire pit. The firm also launched up to this level versions of its Ranger and Yukon fashions. All the issues I enjoy to claim in this review relating to the Bonfire also reflects the opposite products. The superb difference between the three variants is their physical dimension.

All-In-One Equipment That’s Straightforward to Assemble

Solo Stove Fire Pit 2.0 disassembled on the ground

Justin Duino / LifeSavvy
  • Ranger 2.0 dimensions:  Diameter: 15in (38cm), High: 12.5in (32cm), Weight: 15lbs (6.8 kg)
  • Bonfire 2.0 dimensions: Diameter: 19.5in (49.5cm), High: 14in (35.5cm), Weight: 23.3lbs (10.6kg)
  • Yukon 2.0 dimensions: Diameter: 27in (68.5cm), High: 17in (43cm), Weight: 41.6lbs (18.9kg)

When your Solo Range Fire Pit 2.0 arrives, you’ll catch all of its pieces saved inside the 20lbs metal diagram. Taking a witness all around the exterior appliance, you’ll catch air vents all around the backside and the pinnacle of the fire pit. These allow air to constantly waft thru the embers, creating a hotter fire that burns extra of the wood.

Solo Range

The is much less smoke and never more ash. And optimistic, that is a “smokeless” fire pit, nevertheless that term if reality be told ability that there’s vastly much less smoke than you’d create in a primitive fire pit. In my checking out, I never walked away from the Solo Range with burning eyes or garments that smelled overwhelmingly of smoke.

Test out our review of the vital-technology Solo Range Fire Pit for an intensive clarification of what a smokeless fire pit is.

Assembling the Fire Pit 2.0 is incredibly straightforward; set of living the Solo Range on the stand, tumble within the removable ash pan and irascible plate, and then top it off with the flame ring, making sure that it’s tousled. You’re now honest to starting up constructing a hearth.

Existing: My review unit shipped with Solo Range’s Stand. You’ll want to rob that one by one or in a bundle. I talk about my commended accessories under.

Journey the dapper and modern witness of the Fire Pit 2.0 while it’s unique. The second you starting up a hearth inside it, you’ll uncover about some miniature discoloration. It is probably you’ll perhaps also dapper the stainless metal, nonetheless it’ll never witness prefer it did contemporary out of the box.

Own a Fire Burning Inner Minutes

Beginning a hearth to your Fire Pit 2.0 is rarely any varied than creating a hearth in other fireplaces or fire pits. Solo Range recommends putting kindling and fire starters on the irascible plate and putting split, dry hardwood on top. I created my first fire by putting wood on top of several pieces of packing paper.

After lighting fixtures the paper products, it took much less than five minutes for the logs to catch on fire and enjoy a actual flame. The fire pit’s air holes allow for additional ventilation, that means there’s plenty of oxygen to receive the fire going. Inner 30 minutes, I had a scorching adequate fire going that flames had been making their ability thru the double-wall chamber.

One well-known thing to highlight is that since the Fire Pit 2.0 is fully constituted of stainless metal, the total contraption will get extremely scorching. Diagram optimistic you set of living the fire pit in a safe space earlier than starting a hearth on myth of as soon as issues receive going, you won’t be ready to contact it for several hours.

Placing out the fire is as straightforward as letting it burn out and allowing the embers to frigid. You don’t desire to throw water into the Solo Range as it could perhaps effort the metal while it’s scorching. It also mixes with the ashes, which is correct a large number to dapper up. Once issues burn down, you would possibly perhaps be ready to always throw the optionally accessible Lid accessory on top and then poke away.

Cleaning Made Simpler

As mentioned above, the highlighted difference between the unique Fire Pit 2.0 and the distinctive 1.0 model is the removable ash pan and irascible plate. These mean you would possibly perhaps be ready to dapper out most of the particles and leftover ash with out breaking your help.

The 1.0 Fire Pit required you to favor the 20lbs hunk of metal and flip it over into a trash procure or other disposal bin. As you ought to aloof repeatedly dapper out your Solo Range to be optimistic lawful ventilation, having to flip it over every so often will get slow.

Taking a witness at the pictures above, you’ll uncover about that most of the easier particles stayed set on the irascible plate. There are two finger-sized holes so that you just can grab when taking it out of the Fire Pit 2.0, nonetheless it in overall is quite awkward to protect onto when lined with ash. No topic what, inquire of to receive your palms dirty.

Casting off the ash pan is a lot simpler as you would possibly perhaps be ready to grab the edges of the dish and flip it over into a rubbish procure. Sadly, though, a miniature quantity of ash and unburned wood will enjoy it into the backside of the fire pit. Air wishes with a belief to enjoy its ability up past the ash pan, so it could perhaps’t veil the total backside surface. Fortunately, there’s in overall so miniature ash that you just would possibly perhaps be ready to wipe it up with a wet paper towel.

If truth be told helpful Accessories

If you occur to voice a Solo Range Fire Pit 2.0, whether it’s the Ranger, Bonfire, or Yukon model, the superb accessory it ships with is a unlit nylon carrying case. The procure turns out to be helpful ought to you intend on taking the fire pit with you tenting or to an match, nevertheless there are a different of other accessories that I have confidence are rate making an are trying out.

The first one is the Stand. My review unit came with one bundled in, and with out it, I’d enjoy had a tough time checking out the fire pit. Because it’s constituted of stainless metal, the second a hearth is lit inside, the total fire pit will get scalding scorching. With out the stand, the fire pit directs warmth down onto whatever it’s positioned on top of.

Installing the stand under the fire pit permits for the warmth to dissipate and no longer burn the outside under. While this will perhaps no longer be an well-known for concrete porches, it’s incredibly well-known for wood, cloth, or other flammable surfaces.

Next, while the nylon procure is honest for transporting the fire pit, it’s no longer basically huge ought to you intend to protect the Solo Range open air or to your backyard. I advocate making an are trying out the Lid and the Refuge. Both of these are helpful when it comes to defending your Solo Pit from the ingredients. Let’s train, for the interval of my checking out, I aloof had scorching ashes within the Fire Pit when a thunderstorm started to roll thru. I desire I had the lid so I’d also cap off the fire pit and no longer enjoy to take care of wet ashes the subsequent day. The Refuge would enjoy also been nice to protect the fire pit lined as I didn’t conception to retailer it in my storage.

In a roundabout diagram, Solo Range will happily sell you firewood and fire starters, nevertheless they’ll scheme at a premium. I advocate going to your local Lowes, House Depot, or one other hardware retailer and picking up dry hardwood from there. It’ll be more affordable and likewise you won’t enjoy to help for it to be shipped to you.

Must You Take the Solo Range Fire Pit 2.0?

If you’re attempting to search out a smokeless fire pit, the Solo Range Fire Pit 2.0 is a straightforward suggestion. The compact construct is excellent for your backyard, campsite, or tailgate. And the reality that you just would possibly perhaps be ready to receive a hearth going inside five minutes makes it a huge accumulate possibility whether you’re inexperienced or a skilled at constructing fires.

The smallest fire pit from Solo Range, the Ranger 2.0, would possibly perhaps even be yours for staunch $229.99. Of route, that label will hasty jump up if you starting up grabbing accessories or rob a bundle. The Bonfire begins at $299.99 and the Yukon will label you $499.99.

Ranking: 9/10

Ticket: $229.99+

Here’s What We Take care of

  • Simpler to dapper
  • Huge for areas of all sizes
  • Own a “smokeless” fire burning inside minutes

And What We Don’t

  • Accessories will hasty raise the rate
  • Heavy