Survey interior Nemo’s Backyard, a surreal underwater farm

Survey interior Nemo’s Backyard, a surreal underwater farm

Revealed November 8, 2022

7 min read

An hour’s force from Genoa in northwestern Italy, off the flee of the picturesque village of Noli, nine clear plastic bubbles appear to hover underwater—their trapped air fragrant with the scent of herbs.

The set up, is named Nemo’s Backyard, is an experiment supposed to test the viability of underwater greenhouses. The submerged “biospheres” encompass plastic domes rigged up with hydroponic gear, plant seeds, and air-circulating fans. Every dome is care for “a diminutive place web page online,” says Sergio Gamberini, the inventor of Nemo’s Backyard and the CEO of Ocean Reef, a U.S.-Italian company that primarily makes scuba diving gear.

Gamberini’s hope is to abet arid coastal worldwide locations grow more food with out the costly must desalinate water for plant life. His unconventional system has fascinated photographer Luca Locatelli, who visited the positioning final year to explore its biospheres and even sample pesto made with the undersea basil. “We need someone who thinks about loopy things—no longer handiest phenomenal innovations—which is doubtless to be coming out of an proper ardour,” Locatelli says. “It may maybe perhaps well maybe even be something, it could perhaps well no longer, [but] I care for the truth that someone is so intrepid to invest money on one of these part.”

Luca Locatelli is an environmental photographer and filmmaker centered on the family members between folks, science and technology, and the ambiance. This yarn is phase of an immersive exhibition created for the Museum of Photography Gallerie d’Italia Torino-Intesa San Paolo in partnership with the Ellen McArthur Basis.