Worst Tesla Semi is Greater Than Most productive Competing Electrical Semi

Worst Tesla Semi is Greater Than Most productive Competing Electrical Semi

Tesla has two Semi fashions. One has 500 miles of fluctuate and the diversified has 300 miles of fluctuate.

Elon tweeted that they’ve vitality efficiency of 1.7 kWh per mile. The 500 mile fluctuate in point of truth had about 540 miles of fluctuate so the battery pack is probably going 900 kWh. The 300 mile fluctuate version likely has a 510 kWh battery pack.

Freightliner spent 5 years creating the electrical eCascadia. The eCascadia has a identical old fluctuate of 155, 220 or 230 on a paunchy price, reckoning on configuration.

The 230 mile eCascadia has a 550 kWh battery pack and a pair of.2 kWh per mile efficiency. It’s miles 30% much less ambiance pleasant than the Tesla Semi 300 mile fluctuate. It wants a larger battery pack to transfer 30% much less fluctuate.

Tesla 300-mile fluctuate battery is set 1000 lbs lighter with 70 miles of larger fluctuate than the handiest eCascadia.

Tesla has had a drivetrain and electric intention efficiency advantage for over a decade with electric cars. That is clearly complicated to increase. Most diversified electric carmakers are serene within the attend of the ten-year-dilapidated Mannequin S in efficiency. Altering a cab configuration is unassuming. Adding a sleeper is actual adding a bed. Making a drivetrain 30% extra ambiance pleasant and worthy is lots extra difficult and takes a few years.

1/10 I even include made an replace of many EV vehicle fashions for his or her core efficiency. Hat tip to Matt Joyce @matty_mogul for his core efficiency charts. I start with older chart from Matt then my updates. Tesla leads but Hyundai is closing. Lucid ahead but with low quantity supercars. pic.twitter.com/yKSdtT2fWH

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2/10 My replace for Tesla’s core efficiency. Largely within the 5.2 to 5.9 fluctuate. High performance fashions elevated. Additionally, trace staunch 0-60 acceleration times. For a few years americans pay lots extra for performance and handling. pic.twitter.com/ci17kBThSd

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The Tesla Semi 300 mile is currently reported to be at a collection up of $150,000 before the tax credit. The set up is dilapidated and has likely elevated. We can test what the new number is early in 2023.

Tesla Semi unfortunate = $150k

-40k EV tax credit = $110k.

This shall be a killer platform for all electric RVs or for americans who shall be serious about something like an F350.

Now Tesla trusty desires to safe the rattling issues into manufacturing.

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Volvo makes electric semi vehicles and also makes diesel semi vehicles. Volvos electric cars are 30% much less ambiance pleasant than Tesla cars.

5/10 Volkswagen has one of the most worst core efficiency numbers pic.twitter.com/qjICLzEn2L

— nextbigfuture (@nextbigfuture) June 17, 2022

The Vitality Innovation organization tasks the $40000 cut attend set up for electric Semi will allow 38% of the US Semi market to transfer electric by 2030.

Nikola is taking orders for battery-electric Tre. It affords a top flee of 58km/hr up a 6% grade, and up to 563km riding fluctuate from its 753kWh battery. It has about 330-350 miles of fluctuate. The Tesla Semi pulled a paunchy load up a 6% grade at over 60 mph (100 km/hr). The Nikola Tre battery is set 3000 lbs heavier and it is worthy weaker going up hills. The Nikola Tre is priced spherical $300,000.

Huge California and Fresh York Vouchers for Electrical Class 8 and Other Trucks and Buses

The Tesla Semi can even likely qualify for the California subsidies for electric vehicles. $150,000 for Class 8 vehicles performing drayage operations. $120,000 for Class 8 vehicles performing non-drayage operations. California and Fresh York are both offering astronomical incentives for the first few thousand electric Semi vehicles. Fresh York is offering up to $185000 for Class 8 vehicles. Requests for the NY subsidies desires to be submitted by 2024.